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Pergo’s “Timbercraft”

The Need

Pergo needed a new name for a premium, high-quality laminate flooring that had more of an authentic, crafted look in comparison to other laminate flooring. This new flooring would have the best of both worlds: the authenticity of real wood combined with the durability of laminates. The new name needed to elevate the reputation of laminate and bring attention to the quality and crafted look of the flooring.

The Name

Timbercraft was the new name as it suggested that this new flooring reflects the craftsmanship of true wood flooring. The name was easy to say and clearly communicated that this new flooring was crafted and made to look just like real timber/wood, including the notches and texture you would find in authentic hardwood flooring.

The Result

TimberCraft flooring was wildly successful and is still being sold as one of the best choices for high-quality laminate flooring today.