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Linguistic Screening

A name may be a great idea for primarily English-speaking American customers, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for every demographic. If you plan to launch globally, we can conduct a search for offensive meanings in other languages and cultures. This is so much deeper than a quick online translation, which, again, only covers exact spelling. It won’t tell you if something sounds the same, or similar to, an offensive word or phrase. If relevant, we consult native linguists who will make sure the name is at least contextually neutral.

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Why You Should Let Us Solve Your Company Naming Conundrum

Our decades of experience have sharpened our skills and made us pretty savvy name screeners. But we don’t rely too heavily on past experience — we stay abreast of the shifting trends so that your name is relevant in today’s rapidly changing culture. You can feel fully confident that the names we pitch to you have cleared all of our preliminary screenings — reducing the chances that your legal will reject the name because it’s too high risk for your company, brand, product, or service.

To top it off, we work for a flat fee, which means we repeat the screening process as many times as it takes to earn your satisfaction. That’s why we’re here!