Cirrus Logic’s Maverick

The Need: 

Develop a name for a new family of audio chips that will disrupt the industry with several breakthrough design elements.
Cirrus Logic needed a name that would: 
  • Appeal to designers, especially those in Asia 
  • Reflect the revolutionary positioning 
  • Be easy to spell, say and remember 
  • Tie back to the Southwestern U. S. where Cirrus had its roots 

The Name: 

Maverick was the top choice. The term “maverick” suggested a design that was not following the norms or old standards. It was something new, different & exciting and noteworthy. 
Maverick also embodied the romanticized image of a rough and tumble American cowboy or pioneer on the edge of the frontier. 
It caught the attention of many product engineers and designers throughout Asia and the rest of the world.