The Role Name Testing Plays in the Brand Naming Process

Quantitative Name Evaluation Research provides the answer to that question. When you choose to undergo this step of the brand naming process, we ask the participants of the study a number of key questions that result in valuable, in-depth insights that work like neon flashing arrows to guide you to your final decision.

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We Test Instant Reactions to Your Brand Name

If you ask people what they think of a name and allow them to take their time responding, you’re already heading down the wrong path on the company naming journey. In day-to-day life, you don’t mull over a brand or product name for more than a few seconds, let alone minutes. You make a snap judgment and move on, perhaps without even knowing why you decided to engage or not engage with that brand.

We understand that people pick favorites quickly and can’t always articulate what caused them to gravitate toward one or the other. With that knowledge, we’ve developed a brand naming method to duplicate real-life, real-time scenarios. Instead of asking participants to ruminate on the options before we glean any feedback, we are able to get those knee-jerk reactions that are more authentic.

We Test the Memorability of Your Brand Name 

Above all else, a brand name needs to be memorable. Your ultimate goal is to build preference for your brand, but you can’t build preference without awareness. In today’s oversaturated market, breaking through is tough. If your name doesn’t set you apart from your competitors’ by being memorable, you can kiss preference goodbye.

We could ask the participants of the evaluation which names they believe are most memorable before they leave the room. But they don’t really know yet, do they? The only test of memorability is remembering. That’s why, as part of our brand and company naming process, we perform a follow-up memorability test that is fill-in-the-blank rather than multiple choice. This unaided awareness ensures they can only list the names that truly stuck with them.

We Provide an Executive Summary

Within a week or two of fielding the research, we provide you with results from the study. That includes key insights on the names’ ability to drive purchases, stoke interest, and distinguish you from the competition. It means showing you hard data to back up our brand and company naming recommendations. While you still have a big decision to make, you are now equipped with all the knowledge you need to take the leap and tie a bow on your company name.

We’ve Been Doing This for Decades!

For 30 years, we’ve been tinkering with our name testing techniques in order to hand you the most informative and accurate insights. Our dedicated research team is experienced and eager to provide the results that allow you to commit whole-heartedly to a brand name that’s catchy, memorable, and resonates with your target audience.