Hi! We are the NameStormers.

We have been naming products, companies & services for 30 years.

Name Development

We develop creative, perfect-fit names for brands, companies, products, services, organizations and race horses (that’s right).

Trademark & Domain Screening

Having a fantastic name is fruitless unless it’s available. We conduct preliminary trademark and domain availability research on every name we present.

Name Testing

Customer validation surveys, open-ended questions, memorability tests, and implicit reaction studies are how we can put your top names to the test!

Global Linguistic Screening

Going global? We can screen your top names using in-country linguists to assess each name for cultural acceptability, ease of use, likelihood of confusion, and off-color meanings.

“On several projects, you triumphed where other agencies had failed us. The process is simple, fast and yields wonderful results.”

Director of Trademark Development, Merck & Co.

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We’re Fast

We are long on experience and short on turnarounds.

We’re Reliable

In 30+ years, we've NEVER missed a deadline.

We’re Focused

Unlimited creativity, grounded in our proven framework.

Just a few names we have created...

PowerShot™ for Canon

CarMax™ for Circuit City

Cherubs™ for NatureSweet

Angry Orchard™ for Boston Beer Company

We’ve helped great brands of all sizes.

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