Daltile “Evermore”

The Need

Dal-Tile Corporation (Daltile) was launching a new product line at Home Depot stores in the U.S. and Canada. This line would be positioned as the ultimate, high-end, performance-oriented tile flooring. The primary differentiator would be SlipDefense, a patented slip resistance technology that was applied to the tile, but the new name needed to be broad enough to span the full range of other key features and not focus too heavily on SlipDefense. The focus of this project was to develop an all-encompassing, overarching name for a new high performance, high-end tile. The name needed to communicate that it was the ultimate flooring option for a busy family lifestyle and fit Daltile’s overall positioning of “Daltile provides tile at the speed of life, products that withstand life’s toughest messes”.

The Name

After 2 rounds of presented names, “Evermore” was chosen. This name conveyed that this superior tile flooring would last always, forever, and continually keep up with the full and fast-paced lifestyles of modern-day families. “Evermore” spoke to the quality and durability of the flooring while also being a more interesting, aspirational and suggestive name instead of a descriptive and boring one.

The Result

The line was a wild success, so much that Home Depot decided to private label it in 2017.