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From floating ideas to deciding on the final business name, you need to use a process that works. You need to be sure the name you settle on satisfies your business needs.

Many people think that when starting a new business, merging or rebranding, coming up with a good business name is the simplest step. They think that you can simply toss a few ideas into a business name generator, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Choosing a great name for your business is a bit more complicated than that.

It’s a process that involves much more than just guesswork. You need to do more than simply considering name ideas from your family members and close acquaintances.

It’s essential to create a relatable business name and one that matches your overall brand identity with the potential of growing beyond borders when that becomes an option.

At NameStormers, we follow these steps to come up with a business name:

step by step guide infographics

As you can see from the steps above, there’s more to generating business name ideas than meets the eye.

A good business name can mean either more business for your company or a loss of revenue.

Today, we’ll look at the factors that inform each step we take to develop an appropriate business name. We’ll also share what we do for our clients to help them pick the best names for their company, products, and services.

Consider the Core Values of the Business

When brainstorming a business name, remember that not only does the name need to be appealing to your target audience, it also needs to encompass your values for the business.

A business name stays with you for a long time. So you need to pick a name that you’re willing to live with.

Some questions we ask ourselves when we’re deciding on a name are: What are the company’s goals with this business? What type of goods or services does the business offer? What problem is this company solving for its target market?

The Creative Stage

Here’s the fun part. At least for us.

At this stage, the point is to think of as many business name ideas as we can. At NameStormers, we don’t just suggest a few options; we give you several prescreened-for-trademark name ideas to pick from that range from descriptive to more evocative.

Creativity is important so that you don’t end up with a boring name that appeals to neither you nor your target audience.

We take our time. We don’t rush the process, as that’s the secret to being creative. We involve as many of our team members as necessary to make sure we’re not limiting creativity, but we also value sticking to our client’s timeline and delivering on our promises and commitment.

When you hire NameStormers, we’ll give you as many creative options as you want until you’re satisfied with the final choice. You can’t rely on a business name generator for creativity.

Screening for Trademark and .com Domain

After we’ve thought out a few catchy options, the next step is to screen the new names for availability. This is an important step that has to be done carefully.

Trademark search will protect you from running into problems later. The first step would be to run a search through agencies like the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If the risk is low, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But our work isn’t done.

Even if the names are seemingly available, the data will only show you that the exact names that have been registered. We take further precautions because the basis for trademark infringement is the “likelihood of confusion” with other similar-looking or sounding names.

This means that if there are names that sound similar or that have alternate spellings, your claim to that name could be disqualified in the future. This calls for serious Trademark prescreening, like that done by the NameStormers team, using the same services that trademark attorneys use.

Another necessary step when naming your business is to check for the .com domain availability.

This is important because most people associate businesses with the .com domain names more than any other. Even if you secure other domain names like .net or .org, the .com extension is still important.

So, we check that it’s available and if not, we see what it might take to obtain or buy it from the current owner.

Not owning your .com domain can cause lots of confusion among your clients and you could lose business with people getting lost online when they’re searching for your business.

Check for Cultural and Linguistic Appropriateness

An important point to consider is if your new business name is appropriate. How does it sound in other major languages? Is it offensive? Is the meaning the opposite of what you’re going for?

This brings to mind the time when General Motors named a new make of their car ‘the Nova’ without knowing that Nova means ‘doesn’t go’ or ‘not going’ in Spanish. That’s certainly not a great name for a car.

This step requires in-depth research and not just a few lazy searches. If your name has an offensive connotation in another language, people may avoid you because just saying your name will make them uncomfortable.

A free online business name generator may not help you here. You need the services of a business naming company to help you with the extensive research.

We have a history of helping our customers come up with catchy business names that have helped them grow and gain popularity within a short time. Check out our portfolio for businesses we’ve worked with and helped to pick great business and product names.

Testing Out Your New Business Names

Once we’ve picked out a few names, we test them out. The business naming process isn’t complete until we’ve tested out your name with your target audience.

The way to do this is by conducting research among your intended clients. We ask people what they think about the business name ideas.

By this time we usually have a few great ideas. The goal of the process is to end up with the final business name idea that will eventually be the name of your business.

We find out how much people like your name. How easy is it for them to say the name? Can they spell it without any problems?

You want a name that your audience can easily spell so that they’ll find you easily online. They should also be able to pronounce it without any problems.

The perfect business name is one that has some meaning to it. Admittedly, the process of selecting a name for your business is a long one. However, we don’t let the lengthy process take away from giving your business a meaningful name.

Get Great Business Names

As you can see, we’re passionate about creative business names. Do you need help? Are you wondering how to come up with a business name? That’s what we do at NameStormers.

Let’s handle the naming process for you while you focus on what you do best — developing business ideas and growing your business.

With over 30 years of experience in the company-naming business, we have the knowledge and tools needed to get you the perfect name for your business.

Check out the numerous awards we have received for the impeccable work we do.

See the story about how we worked to create the name ‘Tru’ for Hilton that helped them appeal to their millennial customers. The name was successful, with up to 100 Tru by Hilton hotels opening by November of 2019.

Below are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with.

Hoover Agility

Hoover needed a name for a new steam cleaner. The name we successfully proposed, Hoover Agility, sold for over a decade.


Circuit City wanted to make the process of buying a car more pleasant and enjoyable. They picked the name CarMax from the options we gave them. 

CarMax was not only short and easy to pronounce but also helped them achieve their goal. Now CarMax is a common site in many markets.

Nature Sweet Tomatoes
A Celestial Story

Desert Glory wanted to brand their family of NatureSweet grape tomatoes. NameStormers proposed the name ‘Cherubs’. The name allowed Desert Glory to build a strong brand name of grape tomatoes without investing too much money.

We can go on and on about our success stories in branding and naming companies. We do more than your basic free business name generator. We build unique brands so you can keep growing. Contact us today for any business-naming and branding needs.

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