A Celestial Story

The Need

Desert Glory, a San Antonio based tomato grower, enlisted the help of NameStormers to brand their NatureSweet family of grape tomatoes for the club retail channel. Grape tomatoes are replacing cherry and roma tomatoes because of their sweeter flavor and ideal size. Consumers are even snacking on grape tomatoes because of their superior flavor and health benefits.

This project presented some interesting challenges:

  1. Most tomatoes are not branded today
  2. Desert Glory had a very limited branding budget
  3. The new brand name had to hit the ground running and be as viral and self-propagating as possible;​
  4. The new brand needed to connect with consumers in a way that would get them to remember and prefer this specific tomato.

The Name

Desert Glory selected “Cherubs.” The name was easy to say and spell, it was very different than anything in the category, and most importantly, it connected emotionally in a fun, memorable way with consumers. In addition, Cherubs was short enough to easily fit on a small, plastic carton in a club or grocery store. It came with an appropriate meaning already (e.g., cute, small, red-cheeked angels), was not overloaded with negative associations and offered the potential to be infused with other attributes like great flavor and a fun, anytime snack.

The Result

Cherubs offered Desert Glory the opportunity to build a strong, distinctive, category-defining branded grape tomato without a huge investment. NatureSweet also introduced two other celestial tomato varieties that fit the theme: SunBursts and Glorys. And then more recently, they developed a cute little snack package for Cherubs named Cherriots, courtesy of NameStormersAnother spin on the heavenly theme. The celestial theme has helped NatureSweet tie their brands together, leverage their brand-building dollars more effectively across a common theme, command a premium price, and outperform the competition.

A growing number of restaurants are selecting grape tomatoes for salads and prepared dishes due to their sweet and robust taste. Consumers are even snacking on grape tomatoes because of their superior flavor and health benefits.

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