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Branding Podcasts From Bonafide Branding Professionals

Are you looking for inside info on naming your brand, business, or product? Our NameStormers branding podcast offers a deep dive into what it takes to create successful brand names that inspire. Learn from expert brand strategists how to grow successful brands with our insight into the brand-building process.

Our branding podcast explores how to carry out brand identity design, your personal branding project and more. The NameStormers interview podcast series explores how brands grow and how a great name can help make the most of a brand’s potential.

A Branding Podcast For Small Businesses & Marketers

While many entrepreneurs laser-focus on their ideas and allow their business name to be an afterthought, you’re already one step ahead — digging into what it takes to come up with the right name. The wrong name can mean your brilliant ideas never land in front of your target, but the right name is a vehicle for those ideas.

By listening to branding podcasts like ours, you can stay ahead of the trend in setting up the right name for your business or clients. We share how the best brand names align with your personal branding and inspire you to create your logo design. With the right brand, you’ll resonate well across social media platforms and be able to connect well with your target audience.

Our Branding Podcast Explores How To Help Your Business Succeed

Our podcast lets you pick the brains behind NameStormers’ three-plus decades of success. Naming veterans delve into topics like the different types of trademarks, what makes a name too controversial, and what happens if two companies have the same name.

Naming can be a tricky business for people who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of what makes names succeed, including factors such as:

  • Memorability
  • Originality
  • Availability (trademark and dotcom)
  • Overall viability

And while many other naming agencies shroud their methodology in mystery, we are transparent about our process because we’re proud of it. We know it delivers names that check all four boxes and more. Our NameStorming podcast extends this accessibility; we want to share our expertise with people who will benefit most. If you’re a marketing consultant providing creative services to your clients, our podcast is for you.

We delve into what it means to be a brand strategist or branding consultant, how to find a name for your personal brand, the ins and outs of the branding process and how it influences brand purpose. Listen to NameStormer, the best branding podcast for info on business naming and forming brand identities.

Why You Should Care About Your Brand Naming

Your brand name links everything from how you set up your brand messaging and logo design to brand recognition and subsequent customer loyalty. Small businesses transform into industry leaders by developing their own big brand identity. Award-winning branding begins with the correct brand naming. It affects not only your business building but your brand personality, brand positioning and even your personal branding.

The NameStormers podcast features interviews with experts who have overcome their brand challenges and built successful brands. Our podcast aims to bring together branding experts you can listen to on Apple podcast and discover how big brands grow and thrive. Learn from extraordinary brands and the people responsible for growing extraordinary brands.

Learn What It Takes to Create (and Keep) the Perfect Name

Over more than 30 years in the naming business, we’ve made mistakes that helped us perfect our process — and we don’t want you to make the same ones! Naming is a craft that takes time, experience, and even the occasional disappointment to truly develop. While you may think that all you need is a whiteboard and some free time to brainstorm with a colleague, you must also research, test, and even scrap your favorite names if they’re not the perfect fit for one reason or another.

Get professional insights from experts that grew Finch brands like Samsung and Splenda. Discover how they developed their branding strategies, learn actionable tips for your business, and start your brand-building journey. NameStormers offers a real-world branding podcast showing how branding the big names began.

A Branding Podcast That Helps You Protect Your Business

Many new companies get attached to a name before (or without) running trademark checks to ensure they can use it without conflict. The best-case scenario is that you have to forego a name you and your team love that matches your business’s personality.

In the worst-case scenario, you start using the name, invest money into it, and build brand equity with clients, only for a legal conflict to arise that forces you to change the name or fight for it in court. That’s why the podcast examines issues like trademark infringement and the best ways to legally protect your name and your business.

Learn The Lingo Of Brand Building

One of the best parts of NameStormer’s podcast is that we’re not just offering insight into how to create a business name. We share vital insights into the branding industry, including how branding experts work, what a brand strategist is, and how to name a personal brand. Small businesses learning brand strategy can get critical knowledge from our expert branding professionals at NameStormers.

Our brand podcast is tailored to marketing consultants and business owners alike to help you create a company name that sits well on social media, resonates with your personal branding and enables you to develop a strong brand strategy. Learn the industry’s lingo with a branding podcast that breaks down terms into understandable formats.

Discover How A Name Can Inform Your Brand Strategy

The right brand name is at the heart of the brand-building process and the foundation of any decent brand strategy. With the right name, you can stand out from the crowd, reach your audience, and foster better brand recognition and loyalty from your customers. A good brand strategy should cover the following pillars:

  • The story behind your brand
  • Your brand values
  • Your brand voice
  • How the brand makes people feel

At NameStormers, we share our insight into how a great brand name can build the foundations of a good strategy.

What Makes the NameStormers Podcast Unique

As you’ll learn by listening to our brand podcast, there is so much below the surface of a business or product name: thoughtfulness, creativity, market research, branding expertise, and fine-tuning. Our naming process integrates all of these, but we also offer qualities that many other naming agencies don’t, including fast turnaround and willingness to tweak or even come up with a whole set of new names based on your feedback at no extra charge.

NameStormers also has insight into how to situate your brand strategy within a specific global marketplace. We offer global linguistic screening for those who hope to launch internationally. Listen to and work with a team that understands how a name can translate across global markets.

Branding Professionals That Care About Their Clients

Eighty percent of our business comes from returning clients, and that’s because we commit to not only developing viable, exciting names for your business but also helping you build a naming architecture as your business grows and launches new brands, products, and services. We can help you create new naming conventions that reflect your overall brand and stay true to your brand identity.

We are also well-versed in various naming needs across different markets and industries. Whether you work in tech, the automotive or the financial sector, the NameStormer team has in-depth market knowledge of what constitutes the right name across each industry.

A Branding Podcast For Everyone

Whether you develop a name or decide to work with NameStormers, our resources — including our branding podcasts — are here to help your business change the game. Listen to the podcast, download our free eBook, or contact us today to start naming your business! We are accessible to anyone that wants to know how to create the best possible name for their business.

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We Want To Hear From You About Brand Building

Is there something you want to know about real-world branding? Are there other branding podcasts you think we should work with? We want to hear from you and the brand challenges you’re facing at the moment. Whether you’re partnering with small businesses to come up with a name or trying to grow your company brand, let us know.

Contact us about your project or share insight on what makes a good brand name today. Collaborate with NameStormers and help inform our audience how brand names build businesses.

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