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Making Your Name Worth More

What’s in a name? A lot more than just letters and a logo. Think about the brand names you love the most- Google. Coca-Cola. Amazon. Does the value and intrigue solely lie within the words and letters themselves? Or perhaps the story behind the name? Most brand names mean nothing, or very little. But, add a little color, some design, a tagline, a voice, and some tone and you start to build a name that makes a lasting first impression because of the insanely great story it tells. We aren’t in the naming business, we’re in the story-telling business which just so happens to be in the form of a name. So how can we help make your brand name or your domain name worth more? 

We can help bring your name to life through context, taglines, rationale, and a brand story. We can also help you increase the value of your name by vetting it for trademark issues and linguistic challenges, as well as testing it for market acceptance. We have been helping others for decades and are constantly monitoring and using the latest AI-tools to make names more exciting, more impactful and more valuable than ever before. Examples of this are highlighted by clicking on 3 of the dot-coms we own below. Just let us know if we can help you too.

Does NameStormers Sell Dot-coms?

During the dot-com bubble in the late ’90s, we did snag some dot-coms that are now available for purchase. Interested in something you see below? Get in touch with us!

What Does Increasing Name Value Mean?

What exactly does it mean to increase the value of your name? Adding value to your business’s name can include raising the worth of your domain name, brand name, product name, and more. If it’s an asset that you have named and you want to increase its visibility, profile and value, we can help. You might wish to increase the value of your domain or brand to gain more customers, or perhaps with the hope of selling in the future. Whatever your goals are, our naming experts will help you achieve them.

Growing the value of your name isn’t just about what it’s worth in revenue and monetary terms. It’s also about attaching meaning to your name, defining its values, and ensuring it really speaks to people.

Increase Your Domain Name’s Value

When thinking about the value of a name, the value of a domain name is one of the easiest to define in hard numbers. A domain name can have a real price attached to it, defined by how much people might be willing to pay for that particular domain. Some domain names are particularly valuable if they are in high demand and relate directly to a popular subject, especially in relation to search engines.

Grow your domain name’s reputation

Growing the reputation and visibility of an existing domain name takes work and time. For many companies, the first step is purchasing the right domain name for their business. This will often match the name of their brand or business, which is why it’s important to look at the two assets together.

The Importance of Search Engines

SEO is an essential factor to take into account when naming a business and choosing a domain name. The URL of a web page, in addition to the title of the page, plays an important role in how it will rank in search engine results. It’s more crucial than it has ever been to think about SEO when naming a business or site.

Take a look at each example of how we create names below to determine how we can help.

Staying Relevant in a Changing World

Choosing a name for the future isn’t easy, but with our expert help, you can ensure you have a name that endures. We stay up to date with the latest naming conventions and research what’s happening in your industry to develop names that improve marketing prospects, promote sales, boost website traffic, and much more. We are always looking for new ways to add value to your name. Using tools such as AI, we make sure that we are never missing a trick when it comes to identifying the best naming opportunities. Today’s names need to work for social media too, helping you increase your following on platforms from YouTube to Facebook.

Effective Naming without the Risk

Your business name needs to be attractive and give you the best chance of success, as well as being acceptable to your legal team. Balancing these different factors is challenging, but it’s a challenge that our experts are always willing to take on. We take the time to develop names that will work for you, prescreening for trademark risk any that we pitch to ensure they’ve been looked at from every angle. From researching your competitors to determining the right length for your name, we help you find a name that will command respect in your industry.

Why You Should Let Us Solve Your Company Naming Conundrum

Our decades of experience have sharpened our skills and made us pretty savvy name screeners. But we don’t rely too heavily on past experience — we stay abreast of the shifting trends so that your name is relevant in today’s rapidly changing culture. You can feel fully confident that the names we pitch to you have gone through preliminary screenings — reducing the chances that your legal team will reject the name because it’s too high risk for your company, brand, product, or service.

To top it off, we repeat the screening process as many times as it takes to earn your satisfaction. That’s why we’re here! 

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