Tru by Hilton

The Need

Hilton came to Namestormers with the goal to gain more share in the midscale price hotel space. The target customers were millennials and travelers early in their traveling years or careers who typically look for a lower-cost stay that’s still modern, reliable, consistent, and comfortable. They wanted the name to be aspirational and attention-grabbing for the modern, forward-thinking 25-45 year olds. The name needed to convey the idea of “simple and done right” with convenience, modern simplicity, and comfort, but still spirited/personable at the forefront.

The Name

“Tru” was a name that appealed to the target market because it’s short, easy to remember, and aspirational. The name “Tru” was consistent with the modern, simplistic, yet friendly and comfortable vibe Hilton was going for. The name also conveyed this idea of transparency, honesty, and genuine care for travelers- a “Tru” respite or home away from home.

The Result

Tru by Hilton celebrated its 100th hotel opening in November 2019 and has proven to be a Tru-ly successful chain for Hilton.