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Our Name Development Process

So how does this naming thing actually work?

"They are very specialized in product naming and have a clear process to move from briefing to recommendation."

Associate Marketing Manager, Skincare Brand

"We loved the process and are very happy with the outcome."

CEO of Financial Services Company

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Are you in need of name development services for your business?

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about how we can assist you. You may need it as it relates to company naming services, product and service naming, or brand name development, to name a few. It doesn’t matter the reason – we’re here and ready and happy to step in and help.

We understand the challenges that come with brainstorming and developing the right name for your business or product. We’ll take the time to get to your brand and company and listen to what you want to achieve with your name as the first step in the process.

What will help you the most is to take time to learn how the naming thing actually works and all about the process we will apply to get you to a final name you love and feel comfortable with. Coming up with company names or brand names isn’t easy and needs to be a strategic solution. Therefore, you can use our company naming services and development process to ensure success in this area of your business.  

All the reasons a name matters

Do you want to make a good first impression and catch the attention of consumers? Then you need to come up with not only a great brand but a great name. It’s not just about logo design but also your words. You need a name that will provide you with higher brand positioning in search engines and help you draw in more clients. Our naming process or services is effective, efficient, and most importantly it’ll allow you to properly and successfully market your business or products and services.

It’s not only about coming up with a great idea but then testing this idea to ensure it’ll work. In an overly saturated and competitive market, your organization requires a distinctive and matchless name like nothing that’s ever been done before. The name creation must inform and impress while not getting you into any legal trouble. Through collaboration, our agency can help you develop the right words and phrases that will allow you to present your company and brand in the best manner and light possible.

There are many reasons you may need to come up with a name and some of these are as follows:

  •         Naming a new business
  •         Product naming
  •         Naming a new service or consulting business
  •         Product names for a product family
  •         Trademarks and other legal name checks
  •         Naming an article or resource

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running – your name is the most essential part of your brand. With a great brand name, you can quickly form strong and personal relationships with consumers. We encourage you to check out our long list of naming services that help companies and brands like yourself develop a winning name. We’ve created names for start-ups, rebrands, holding companies, mergers, spin-offs, and mom-and-pop shops. We’ve also named everything from artificial ingredient snacks to artificial intelligence technology. As far as brand naming goes, we have served up names for B2B and B2C brands in various and different industries. No project is too big or small or complicated for us and we hope you’ll trust us to handle your name development task.

Step 1: Gather

The first step is to gather as much information as possible. This is where we get to know you. During our initial kick-off call we learn about your target audience and your competition, discuss the “feel” of the new name, how the name will be used, the hoped-for-future of your new company/brand/product/services and what you anticipate this new name will do for you. We want to learn all about who you are, what you stand for, what makes you unique, and also get on the same page so we can come up with a name you find suitable. We spend time in the gathering stage so that we can ensure we have all the information we need to come up with and develop a name you will find to be exactly what you were looking for.

Step 2: Ideate

Step two is the phase where we ideate. It’s where the NameStorming® creativity begins and then we don’t stop until you stop. Our standard package promises as many rounds of names as you need until you’re happy. We want you to have choices and to be excited about what you ultimately pick for a name. With unlimited naming rounds, we can guarantee you walk away with a name that is the right fit and you feel happy with.

Step 3: Screen

You don’t have to worry about your name already being in use or any legal complications. We conduct preliminary trademark and common law usage screenings, as well as a dot-com search on every name we present. No, we’re not just searching the USPTO database. We use the same databases and software that many trademark attorneys use to ensure that you get fresh, viable names every round. This way you can rest assured that the name we provide you with can be used freely and won’t get you into any trouble.

Step 4: Pitch

Then there is the pitch stage where we come together and meet. This is one of the most thrilling parts of the process since we get to share our ideas with you and then gather your feedback. We introduce you to 10-20 names with rationale and taglines, using our tried-and-true NameStorming® presentation process to constructively explore first impressions together and strategically determine the next steps. Here you can ask questions and truly figure out which name you want to use and that you find will be the ideal match for your business or product.

Step 5: Fine Tune

We guarantee you’ll always walk away satisfied with using our services. Therefore, we offer step five which is the fine-tune stage of the process. We use your feedback to fine-tune the favorites or go back to the drawing board. When we just have too many great options, we do a fun voting exercise with your team. When we finally have our favs, we take them to your customers with our Customer Validation Study. They rank the names, pick a favorite and a least-liked, provide a rationale for their choices, and then they even give us some names of their own! Therefore, you can rest assured that your name will do the trick and that you are more than satisfied with the final result.

Step 6: Test

We don’t want you to accept a name without knowing it’s going to be a hit and successful. Our team understands the importance of the testing phase in the process. We take your favorite names and validate their potential impact on your target market. This is a deeper dive than our basic Customer Validation Study. The sample size is doubled, the questions are more in-depth, we compare your name to competitors’, we compare your names to our own data norms, and we also test for memorability (which is our secret sauce!). Testing helps us and you feel more confident that the final name is the best option and will help you achieve your business goals.

Step 7: ROI

ROI is an essential step to any task you’re carrying out for your business. We want you to achieve long-term results with the final name you choose. Upon completion, you’ll have a set of strong name candidates with supporting taglines, preliminary screenings, and rationale that provides you with a solid understanding of how each name fits your positioning and differentiates you from the competition.

With NameStormers name testing research, you’ll have the hard data, the comparisons to our national norms, and the customer insights needed to help you select your top name candidate.

CarMax®, Canon PowerShot®, and Angry Orchard® had no idea what the future would hold for them or how each of them would change the trajectory and landscape of their industries, but the investment they made in “making a name for themselves” with NameStormers paid for itself a million times over.

Name development process meeting internally with team members

Reasons to Choose NameStormers & What We Can do for You

NameStormers is your one-stop shop for name development services. We know you have choices when it comes to working with other companies that provide similar services. However, we believe we should be your number one choice when you’re in need of developing a name for your business or product. For starters, we’re fast at what we do. We are long on experience and short on the turnaround part. Our clients are often impressed by how quickly we work and get it right the first time. 

Also, we’re very reliable. What this means is that in 30 plus years we have never missed a deadline. Can you believe that? Therefore, you can depend on us to get the job done on time. Finally, we’re a team that’s extremely focused and dedicated to what we do. Our proven methodology and process include combining both research and creativity for the perfect outcome. You can trust that we’ll come up with a name you agree is the best fit and that will help you drive the business results you desire.

NameStormers has upheld a reputation of helping businesses and nonprofits get the opportunities they deserve by developing creative names backed by research. We also have several awards to show for. Decades of experience and a unique naming methodology have earned NameStormers our place among the top naming agencies in Austin and in the country. We’re always proud to be recognized by industry guides and trusted review sites, but it’s even more meaningful when our amazing clients tell us they are over the moon about their new brand, company, and product names.

Next Steps

So, why wait any longer to get started with the name development process? We encourage you to get in touch with our team today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed and come up with a name you know is right and will work well. It won’t be long before you have a name you can get behind and use in your marketing material and in front of consumers and customers alike. Get in touch so we can name something together!

We hope you’ll spend some time on our website checking out our process in more detail, reading our blog, and reviewing our portfolio. It’ll help you to get a better idea of the reasons why we’ve been able to attract and retain so many clients over the years. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch if you have any further questions or need more clarification on the process and what to expect from our team.

You don’t want to leave naming your business or brand or products and services up to chance. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ready to talk to our naming experts? Book a call today!

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Download our Capabilities Flyer!

You may also want to think about downloading our capabilities flyer for more details. We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits, to create memorable, original names that dovetail perfectly with our client’s unique brand identities and business aspirations. Ask our partners and we bet they’d agree that they were more than satisfied with our process and the level of service they received.

NameStormers provides you with the opportunity you deserve. Let today be the day you take your company or product from good to great.

Are you ready to get started with the name development process? Then give us a call or click below to get in touch with our team.

We’re Fast

We are long on experience and short on turnaround.

We’re Reliable

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We’re Focused

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