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Our Services

We name Brands, Companies, Products, and Services

Company Naming

We’ve created names for start-ups, rebrands, holding companies, mergers, spin-offs, and mom-and-pops.

Product & Service Naming

We’ve named everything from no artificial ingredient snacks to artificial intelligence technology.

Brand Naming

We have served up names for B2B and B2C brands in various different industries.

We conduct Trademark, Domain, and Linguistic Screening

Trademark Screening

We make sure you only get excited about names that are potentially legally available because we know you’ve been let down before.

Increasing Name Value

We can help you increase the value of your name by vetting it for trademark issues and linguistic challenges, as well as testing it for market acceptance.

Linguistic Screening

Offensive, hard to say, or culturally irrelevant names won’t serve you well across the globe, but our linguistic screening will!

Finally, we take it to the next level.

Naming Research

A creative moniker is only as valuable as the research to back it up. We test your favorite names to see how they resonate with your target market.

Logo Creation

We bring that new name to life with an original design that embodies your brand and the hard work you’ve put in it.

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We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits, to create memorable, original names that dovetail perfectly with our clients’ unique brand identities and business aspirations.

NameStormers provides you with the opportunity you deserve.

Years In Business
Companies Helped

Over 80% of our sales are from repeat clients.

After 30+ years of naming, we’ve made every mistake in the book and taken every opportunity to ensure our clients reap the success and opportunity a name can provide. We’re certain it’s why more than 80% of our business is from repeat clients.

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