So how does this naming thing actually work?

Step 1: Gather

This is where we get to know you. During our initial kick-off call we learn about your target audience and your competition, discuss the “feel” of the new name, how the name will be used, the hoped-for-future of your new company/brand/product/service and what you anticipate this new name will do for you.

Step 2: Ideate

Where the NameStorming® creativity begins and then we don’t stop until you stop. Our standard package promises as many rounds of names as you need until you’re happy.

Step 3: Screen

We conduct preliminary trademark and common law usage screenings, as well as a dot-com search on every name we present. No, we’re not just searching the USPTO database. We use the same databases and software that many trademark attorneys use to ensure that you get fresh, viable names every round.

Step 4: Pitch

We introduce you to 10-20 names with rationale and taglines, using our tried-and-true NameStorming® presentation process to constructively explore first impressions together and strategically determine the next steps.

Step 5: Fine Tune

We use your feedback to fine-tune the favorites or go back to the drawing board. When we just have too many great options, we do a fun voting exercise with your team. When we finally have our favs, we take them to your customers with our Customer Validation Study. They rank the names, pick a favorite and a least-liked, provide rationale for their choices, and then they even give us some names of their own!

Step 6: Test

We take your favorite names and validate their potential impact with your target market. This is a deeper dive than our basic Customer Validation Study. The sample size is doubled, the questions are more in-depth, we compare your name to competitors’, we compare your names to our own data norms, and we also test for memorability (which is our secret sauce!).

Step 7: ROI

Upon completion, you’ll have a set of strong name candidates with supporting tag lines, preliminary screenings and rationale that provides you with a solid understanding of how each name fits your positioning and differentiates you from the competition.

With NameStormers name testing research, you’ll have the hard data, the comparisons to our national norms, and the customer insights needed to help you select your top name candidate.

CarMax®, Canon PowerShot®, and Angry Orchard® had no idea what the future would hold for them or how each of them would change the trajectory and landscape of their industries, but the investment they made in “making a name for themselves” with NameStormers paid for itself a million times over.

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