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Once upon a NameStormers

1985: Salinon (a cool math symbol but terrible moniker for a naming company) was founded by four ex-Nielsen Market Research executives, including Mike Carr.

1986: We developed and launched the first commercially available name generator for PCs with 11 naming methods and databases, including an AI module.

1991-1992: Our Windows-based solution, NamePro, was unveiled. While thousands of copies of the software were sold, customers started requesting name consulting services. Software name generators were and continue to be too simplistic. Clients needed names that reflected their mindsets and motivators, incorporating human-based insights that considered cultural nuances, the competitive environment & language etymology, and that were legally vetted & market-tested.

1993-2022: Mike and business partner Kay purchased the naming business from Salinon and launched NameStormers, leveraging the latest creative techniques and research technology. Today, after 1,000+ successful engagements, NameStormers continues to help clients get the opportunities they deserve with engaging, memorable names.

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