Once upon a NameStormers

With roots in market research, Mike Carr knew the value of hard facts and metrics for brand-building and product innovation. Mike was working for a subsidiary of the market research giant Nielsen when he, and three colleagues, decided to leave and create the first name generating software for PCs in 1986 called, simply, Namer. A few years later, they created NamePro, which could produce thousands of name ideas from just a few key words or concepts. While thousands of companies purchased copies of the software, Mike’s experience working with these clients taught him that voluminous spreadsheets of name ideas were not actually what they needed. Rather, clients needed names that conveyed insight into the mind of consumers, that took cultural nuances and styles into account, and were legally vetted.

In 1993 he and his lifelong partner, Kay, officially started NameStormers, a company exclusively devoted to creating great names. They emphasized the human factor in naming while continuing to leverage the best creative and research technology available. More than 25 years later, NameStormers has upheld a reputation of helping businesses and non-profits get the opportunities they deserve by developing creative names backed by research.

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