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You’ve come up with the perfect business idea and you’re ready to hit the market. However, first, you need to name your business. Established companies know the value of investing in a name and you should too because it not only tells your audience what your business does but also how you are different from the competition. For your business to stand out from your competition, you need a unique name your customers will easily remember and be excited to engage.

Have you ever wondered how businesses create great names for their companies and how can you develop a great business name to make you stand out from the rest?

Here are 6 ways to come up with unique, original, and catchy name ideas for your business.

  • Unique business names can be easier to trademark
  • It makes an excellent first impression and attracts customers
  • It shows your customers which products or services you offer
  • It can put you ahead of the competition
  • It attracts the best talent in the market
  • It could help lead to more business growth

1. Unique Names Are Easier to Trademark

Perhaps the most known advantage of being creative with your business name is the fact that a unique name is different from any other in the industry, decreasing your chances of trademark infringement.

Trademark wars are a waste of precious time and money that you could be using to grow your business instead.

Choosing a unique or made-up name puts you at a lower risk of court battles than using a similar or almost similar business name to another company.

The business name ideas NameStormers suggests for you during the brainstorming process are guaranteed to be prescreened for trademark issues. This way, you will have multiple low-risk options to help you avoid trademark infringement.

However, we don’t only make sure you have a unique business name; we can also search for the dot-com domain and social media availability.

Did you know that most people relate businesses with their .com extensions over .net or .xyz? You want them to find you easily online. That’s why in our naming process, the .com domain availability screening is a must.

Also, you want your name to be available on social media handles so your audience can find you easily.

Our method is tried and tested. So much so that we’ve received several awards. We’ve been recognized as one of the top business naming agencies both in Austin and in the country.

2. A Unique Business Name Makes a Good First Impression and Attracts Customers

Your business name is your first contact with your target audience. Get it right, and you’re remembered, but get it wrong, and you’re instantly forgotten.

You can’t make sales if people don’t know or don’t remember that you exist.

The way to make an excellent first impression is to choose a catchy business name —a name that wows the intended audience.

At NameStormers, we don’t just give you one business name idea; we work with you until you’re satisfied with the final business or product name. We follow a seven-step naming procedure that includes generating hundreds of ideas.

With over three decades of experience in this industry, we know what helps you connect with your target audience. Our success stories have taught us what to tweak in a business name to catch your customers’ attention.

For example, Canon USA asked NameStormers to come up with a name for a new digital camera. Powershot was the name that won. It wasn’t only easy to pronounce and spell; it gave the idea that anyone could be empowered to take great shots.

leader board unique business name

3. Shows Your Customers Which Products or Services You Offer

A good business name immediately tells your customers what to expect. Think of a name like CarMax. It’s easy to tell that they’re car dealers.

When naming your product or business, it helps to remember that people find businesses by searching for specific keywords.

You can also use a descriptive product or business name to indicate quality.

NameStormers helped Cottonelle by Kimberly Clark create the name Ultra Comfort Care for their new line of toilet paper. With such a name, it was easy to tell that you’re buying the very best quality toilet paper there is.

Since its launch in 2010, Ultra Comfort Care continues to sell as Cottonelle’s softest and most absorbent toilet paper.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

4. Puts You Ahead of the Competition

No matter what type of business you’re into, chances are several others are offering the same products and services as you do.

You and your competition are just a group of businesses that sell similar products or services to your pool of customers.

The best way to stand out and get ahead of the competition is to start with a unique business name. When people can tell the difference between you and the others, you stand a good chance of making more sales.

In other words, don’t just be satisfied with a business name; get the best.

Look at what your competition is doing and do things differently. For example, are other businesses using a free business name generator to create names? Probably not.

Wide unique business name

5. A Great Name Attracts the Best Talent in the Market

People want to work with great companies. A unique name makes you stand out from similar businesses.

When coming up with company name ideas, remember that you want to attract the best in the workforce. Your name can make employees want to work for you or not.

If you’re a well-known business in the industry, the top-rated talent in your field will want to work for you. With the best of the best working for you, there are no limits to how much your business can grow. Attracting great talent is worth spending time and money creating a great business name for your company.

At NameStormers, we’ll help you develop a creative business name. We also create unique products and services names and help with overall branding.


6. More Business Growth Opportunities

With an exclusive business name, the potential of your business’s growth won’t be limited by having a poor name.

How much your business grows depends on what you name it. If you limit it to something like San Diego Flowers, it may not be easy to break into other markets. Whenever you need to expand, you’d have to rebrand and rebranding can be too much work. You’re better off getting your business name right the first time.

With the right business name, you’ll be ready to take your business beyond borders.

Imagine if Amazon was named Amazon Books. That would have been limiting when they wanted to expand to selling other items.

When Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB) Federal Credit Union needed a name that would allow them to grow, the winning name Vantage West Credit Union gave them exactly that.

Vantage West Credit Union
Vantage West Credit Union

Why a Business Name Generator Won’t Work

If you search online for a business name generator, you’ll be surprised to find so many free tools online. There’s a reason they are so easy to find and even free to use. They are limited in what they can do.

One reason why a business name generator is not a great idea is that it can’t help you with trademark screening.

As mentioned earlier, you can get into court battles with other companies claiming that your business name belongs to them or your name could cause confusion for being too similar.

For you to be certain the business name ideas you’re considering are lower risk, you need the kind of help we offer at NameStormers. We use the same services as trademark attorneys to make sure you have several lower risk options to choose from.

Another aspect a business name generator won’t help you with is putting meaning and values into your business name.

Also, a business name generator tends to produce generic similar-sounding name ideas like Top Ice Cream or Delicious Ice Cream.

Instead of relying on a business name generator, our advice is to get ahead of your competition by contacting us for professional services.

Get Catchy Business Name Ideas

The benefits of a unique name are numerous. Here’s a table that shows some examples, and how they benefited the company.

Unique Product/Business Name Example Benefits
Vantage West Credit Union
  • Describes what the business does
  • Doesn’t limit growth
Ultra Comfort Care
  • Describes the product quality
  • Catchy brand name
  • Describes the product
  • Distinctive
  • Easy to spell and pronounce
  • Memorable

Hire people who know what they’re doing. NameStormers has a track record of producing creative business names that stand out. Talk to us, and let’s get started putting you ahead of your competition.

To show you what we can do, read this story about how we created a unique name for Herman Miller. They needed a unique name for their new office chair. Since the chair was made to mirror the movements of the body and joints, the name Mirra was perfect.

Herman Miller’s Mirra is still a distinctive name all over the world.

Herman Miller’s Mirra

Now that you know why you need a unique name, let’s come up with perfect-fit business name ideas for your business.

See our portfolio of businesses we’ve helped with naming.

Contact us now so you can stand out from the rest.

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