Vantage West Credit Union

Vantage West Credit Union

The Need

The humble DMAFB Federal Credit Union had been faithfully serving hundreds of members since the 1950’s and in August of 2006 the Board of Directors gained regulatory approval to convert from a federal to a state charter, which allowed them the opportunity to grow in new ways. They knew then that it was time for a new name that reflected the scope of the credit union’s future members and convey their broader horizons.

The Name

Vantage West Credit Union was the winning name that best represented the diversity of their members and paved the way for continued expansion across the state of Arizona. 

The Result

In 2010 and again in 2014, Vantage West expanded by merging with First Edition Community Credit Union and the former Tombstone Federal Credit Union. Since then, Vantage West has experienced explosive growth and now has 19 locations and over 150,000 members.