Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

The Need

Kimberly Clark (Cottonelle) needed a name for a new line of toilet paper. This new name needed to speak to people who believe that what happens in the bathroom affects the way you feel out of the bathroom. This name needed to convey:

  • A superior clean feeling​
  • A category competitive softness​
  • Innovative cleaning systems
  • Leaving you feeling ready to re-connect with work, family, children, etc.

The Name

Ultra Comfort Care conveyed premium quality material with a focus on softness, comfort, and relayed confidence that it would take care of even the “trickiest business” leaving you clean and ready to re-connect.

The Result

Cottonelle’s Ultra Comfort Care was launched in 2010 and continues to be sold as their softest and most absorbant toilet paper product on the market.