Frito Lay Doritos EDGE

Frito Lay Doritos EDGE

The Need

With the popularity of the low-carb diet a few years ago, Frito Lay created a new low-carb line of salty snacks. A short, punchy name that tended to “pop” off the package was desired. Something that would complement rather than usurp the major Frito-Lay brands like Doritos and Tostitos. The name also needed to fit an innovative and better-for-you snack positioning.

The Name

NameStormers recommended “Edge” as a possible name. “Edge” was so short that it tended to produce a “billboard effect” on the package, drawing the eye and popping out regardless of how crowded the shelf space might be.

Its multiple meanings also gave consumers many reasons to identify with the sub-brand:

1) An edge is an advantage, as in a new low-carb snack that gives you all of the taste without all of the carbs.

2) An edge could suggest extra energy because you are eating healthier, better-for-you snacks.

3) Edge also implies a margin of superiority over others.

4) Edge is a point of transition, as in transitioning or switching from a higher carb to a lower carb snack.

5) Lastly, edge relates to keenness or zest, which fit the positioning and helped convey the personality of this new family brand.

Edge provided multiple reasons for this product line to stand out from the crowd of low-carb competitors.