CVS’s Gold Emblem Brand

The Need

In 1995, CVS Pharmacy wanted a Private Label brand name that elevated their own products to a more premium positioning. This new brand would include a wide variety of snacks, dessert items, beverages and groceries like nuts, trail mixes, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, candies, cookies, spices, juices, condiments, baking essentials, breakfast bars and more. This would be one of the first private-brand food lines created by a major drugstore chain.

The Name

Gold Emblem was the chosen name as it conveyed an unmatched standard of delicious quality snacks and products far above your basic bargain brands. To be awarded the Gold Emblem name, every item must meet a very high taste standard we well as a refined taste-test approval process. This new name and positioning made Gold Emblem a key player and competitor in the drugstore chain snack market.

The Result

 Gold Emblem is the No. 1 brand in cookies, candy and nuts sold at CVS/pharmacy and it continues to serve customers as a brand dedicated to helping shoppers make well-informed choices that help them achieve their own personal health goals through enhanced packaging that incorporates key nutritional information on the front of each item.