Hoover Agility

The Need

Hoover needed a new name for a steam cleaner product. The new Steam cleaner used hot water and a special detergent to clean soiled carpets. The cleaner’s brush system scrubbed the carpet to remove any residue that may have formed on the carpet’s surface. It was also a lightweight carpet cleaner with a handle that could be conveniently folded. The Hoover team wanted a name that would convey this ease of use and its ability to clean hard-to-reach areas.

The Name

Hoover Agility was the decided upon name that really spoke to the differentiating features this steam cleaner offered above the rest: ease of use, convenience, lighter weight, and the ability to reach and clean even the dirtiest areas.

The Result

The Hoover Agility was sold for over a decade, continuing its reputation as a leader in the floor-care industry and upholding the values of manufacturing reliable, innovative, quality, high-performance cleaning solutions.