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Branding is never a small task; it involves a perfect blend of context, creativity, and comfort. And once you’ve settled on a masterpiece, the last thing you want to do is rebrand your business name. But sometimes going back to the drawing board becomes a necessity: maybe your business isn’t getting the traffic you want; maybe it’s getting the wrong type of traffic when the name you thought was perfect speaks to something you hadn’t considered. Or maybe you’re unfortunate enough to be associated with a brand that turns controversial in a hurry

Whatever your reason for rebranding, it can be a tall order. But it can be an exciting one too! A rebrand done right can expand your reach while giving you plenty of opportunities for celebration. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh start?

What’s in a (Re)Name?

Most of the considerations in your first round of branding will come into play for the rebrand. Your business name is the first thing people associate with your company and product, so picking a winner is absolutely crucial. As always, you’ll want a name that represents you well: something strong and bold, something that will set the standard for customer expectation and be instantly recognizable. 

While something flashy — especially a name that does double duty conveying desirable traits while offering a unique bit of pizazz — may be a plus, you’ll of course want to make sure that your brand matches your business. A name is a promise, one you should always aim to fulfill for consumers. 

Along with these go-to branding standards, you’ll want to make sure to address the specifics behind your rebrand. We know why some businesses rebrand, but why is your business going down this path at this time? Your rebrand represents a need, so make sure the new name addresses it and you can relaunch with confidence. 

What’s the Best Process for Rebranding a Business Name?

Remember all the work your business did putting your initial name everywhere? Unless you’re an elephant, you probably don’t. Your brand can snowball, and while that’s usually a great thing, changing your company name means you have a lot of work ahead of you. A successful rebrand involves a lot of attention to detail, making sure that all mentions of your past name get scrubbed from your premises, your online presence, advertising, any products you have, and more. 

In addition to keeping a keen eye out for any instances of your old business name, you can do yourself a lot of favors by pursuing carryover where possible. Whether it’s your logo or certain elements of your name, some similarities to the old brand will help you keep some of the name recognition that you have already developed. Unless you feel the need for a complete reset, keeping some old touchstones can make for a smoother process.

What Should You Watch Out For?

The specifics will depend on your reason for the rebrand, but many general branding rules of thumb will apply.

Perhaps the biggest thing you want for your rebranding company is something eye-catching. Whatever your reason for re-christening your business, you want to start hot right out of the gate, and that means a new name that pops. Stay away from the generic.

When Premier Dental Holdings came to us looking for a name to launch their new retail locations they suggested something with “Smile” in the name. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, everyone focuses on the smile, and their names all tend to reflect that. We suggested Brident, which conveys the same shining brightness while standing out from the pack. Judging by Brident’s growth, we’d say the result gives everyone something to smile about!

Take a look at our portfolio for other examples of names that pop. 

Need a Hand with Your Rebrand? NameStormers Can Help

Whether starting from scratch or reimagining the brand you’ve already established, Namestormers, as professional branding consultants, are happy to bring our extensive experience and unique methodology to your corner. Our seven-step process yields exciting, memorable, and viable names that delight our clients. Ready to get excited about your business all over again? Contact us with the new vision for your amazing company, and get started today.

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