Premier Dental Holding’s “Brident”

The Need

Premier Dental Holdings’ retail facilities came to NameStormers with a name that was both overly generic (had the word “Smile” in it) and also potentially faced trademark infringement issues. Additionally, the name was for dental and orthodontic services, two services people may need but often dread. One of the problems the company was facing was that their clients avoided their regularly scheduled appointments and only came in when there was a problem. They needed a warm and inviting name that would help to overcome trepidation about dental visits, a distinctive name that would be memorable and ownable,  and also a name that spoke to their value prop of delivering brighter teeth. 

The Name

Brident” was chosen as the winning name. It related to making dental checkups and orthodontic services brighter … more approachable and friendly. It also suggested a smarter and more convenient way to make sure everyone in one’s family has brighter smiles and healthier teeth!

The Result

With over 65 different Brident locations, we hope that the Brident name has proven itself and will serve Premier Dental and its customers for years to come.