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Most of us are antsy to get out and experience the world after a year of staying inside. This boom in “revenge travel” means now may be the perfect time to hop into the hospitality industry or grow your hospitality business. 

Whatever sector you’re in — lodging, food and drink, event planning, transportation, or recreation — your business is going to need a name that grabs your target and tells a story about the unique experience you offer. You have to give restless jet-setters and fun-seekers a reason to choose you over your competitors. 

Why Is the Right Name So Important for a Hospitality Company?

A strong name is crucial for any kind of business, but names do even more heavy lifting in the hospitality industry. Your name needs to define the customer experience and set expectations for people who may never have even visited the area. Many of your customers will be traveling in unfamiliar environs, taking risks, and spending a good chunk of change to enjoy themselves and make memories. Their encounter with your business needs to match the promises made by your name and branding. 

And while you may want to avoid getting too descriptive, your brand name can also convey universally desirable traits like trustworthiness, convenience, quality, and friendliness. The right name won’t just draw in customers; it will be part of the experience itself. 

Factors to Consider When Naming a Hospitality Company

In order to create a name that defines the customer experience, you need to know exactly what your business offers and whom you want to reach. Is your brand friendly and casual, or more exclusive? Is it luxury, midscale, or affordable? How old are your customers? Are they coming for business or pleasure? Do they value comfort and relaxation over thrills and adventure? 

These are the types of questions NameStormers asks when we begin the naming journey with a client who is preparing to launch a business or brand. Our portfolio reflects our partnerships with outstanding brands in the hospitality industry who have come to us with different needs and goals. Here are a few examples: 

  • Hotel Deca
    This art-deco style hotel in Seattle needed a rebrand as part of a major renovation. The name “Hotel Deca” not only referenced the decor, calling to mind the swanky style of the 1930s, but it was also unique and easy to remember.
  • Xanterra
    Amfac Parks and Resorts needed a new name that captured the grand scope of their collection of national park lodges and resorts. We arrived at the name “Xanterra,” which not only provided that epic sense of grandeur but also alluded to the company’s environmental friendliness via “terra,” which means “the earth” in Latin. Additionally, it left room for the company to expand in just about any way imaginable without needing a name change.
  • Rosewood Sand Hill
    Rosewood Hotels and Resorts needed a name for a new hotel located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The name had to project elegance, but we also wanted to hint at the beauty of the hotel’s natural surroundings. “Sand Hill” felt authentic, simple, and chic, befitting the understated elegance of a 5-star luxury resort. 
  • Tru By Hilton
    When Hilton wanted to create a midscale-price hotel chain that was modern, comfortable, and convenient, they came to NameStormers for help with a name. We came up with “Tru” because it conveyed transparency as well as simplicity done right. The brevity and unique spelling made it highly memorable.
  • Social Circle
    Choice Hotels approached NameStormers about creating a name for an in-hotel restaurant. They wanted the name to feel inviting and uncomplicated, and they also wanted to incorporate the red circle in the logo of the hotel chain. “Social Circle” lent itself to cohesive logo design, and it made people feel welcome and at home — as if by merely entering the restaurant they became part of something special. 
  • The Liaison
    Affinia Hotels needed a name for a sophisticated DC-based hotel that would be branded as a spot for deal-making, meeting, and networking. “The Liaison Capitol Hill” accomplishes this without alienating visitors who are there for enjoyment rather than business. 

Need a Hospitality Company Name? NameStormers Can Help

In addition to our extensive experience working with successful brands in the hospitality industry, we bring a unique methodology to the table. Our seven-step process yields exciting, memorable, and viable names that our clients can get excited about. Ready to start the process of naming your hospitality business? Contact us today, and tell us all about your amazing company so we can get started!

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