ProCyte’s “Neova” Skincare

The Client: ProCyte Corporation for Sephora

The Need: ProCyte Corporation needed a brand name for their new skincare line that boasted of never-before-used, patented technology to slow down the photoaging process and help women to be more confident in their own skin. The line would start out to include a day therapy serum, suntan lotion, and cleansing bar, but eventually expand to other products.

The Name: When we partnered with ProCyte we asked lots of questions, studied the market, developed a naming brief and refined it with the ProCyte brand team. Our creative crew developed hundreds of names, we pre-screened the best for trademark and web issues, and presented the top names with tag lines and rationale. The ProCyte team landed on the name “Neova” as it was short, easy to spell and was a name all about giving your skin a second-chance and renewal from the inside out.

The Result: In 2010, after more than 20 years of discovery, DNA CoFactor – DNA repair and copper peptide combination technology – was introduced and NEOVA SmartSkincare was launched. It was the first ever scientist-created, second-chance-skin-giving, photodamage centered skincare ever marketed and it continues to be an award-winning success to this day.