Remington’s Clean XChange

The Need

Remington developed a new razor— the only electric shaver with a disposable head. Such a revolutionary product needed a name that hit the ground running, immediately conveying the ease of use and no mess benefit. It needed an exciting name that stood out from all the rest of the electric shavers already on the market. The name needed to highlight not only the new time-saving and less-mess convenience of its disposable head, but also the resulting fresh, clean shave. Each time the head was replaced, it delivered a “just like new” performance.

The Name

NameStormers provided Remington with over 50 names, a number of which they liked, but “Clean Xchange” came out on top. It was an easy and intuitive name, one that conveyed how it worked and its benefits. It sounded different from the competition and fit with Remington’s positioning of offering no compromises.