Coppertone NutraShield

The Need

Coppertone needed a name for their new sunscreen product targeted for women who want more out of their sunscreen beyond protection. This new sunscreen would provide protection against UVA/UVB rays but would also nourish skin with antioxidants to promote natural skin repair. The new name needed to convey:
  • Nourishing antioxidants/nutrients
  • A better-for-you choice in sunscreen; a step above the rest
  • Ultimate protection for your skin

The Name

Coppertone Nutrashield is a perfect balance between telegraphing the importance of sun protection while also nourishing your skin at the same time for the ultimate repair complex. “Nutra” conveyed the supplemental antioxidants and “Shield” conveyed powerful protection and defense against premature aging and sun damage.

The Result

Coppertone Nutrashield was launched in 2009 with Brooke Shields as the face of the brand, turning the sunscreen industry in a new direction with a focus on better-for-you ingredients and nourishing properties.