Farr Financial’s Firetip

The Need

Farr Financial was rolling out a new financial trading platform with a totally new look and feel that could effectively compete with any other platform in the industry. It would be used for trading futures, options, foreign currency, stocks/equities, bonds, and more.

The platform’s exclusive, fast order entry system allowed traders to watch the markets in real-time and enabled them to trade at the click of a mouse. Farr needed a new, memorable, cool and edgy name for this platform. 

The Name

The name chosen was “FireTip”. FireTip is a species of butterfly known for its rapid flight, but the separate words “fire” and “tip” were also individually relevant and catchy. “Fire” suggested fast speed, blazing, exciting, and “Tip” related to being on the brink or edge of something, or a confidential piece of advice.

The Result

FireTip has proved to be the edgy and memorable name Farr needed to get noticed & to differentiate themselves in the crowded financial trading industry since 2008.