Huffy Corporation’s Torex

The Need

Huffy needed a name for its most advanced, 24v series of battery ride-on vehicles to date. This exciting new ride-on would be Huffy’s highest-end and most premium brand representing a build quality (better high torque motors, steel frames, real shocks, top speed up to 20 mph, and better overall performance) that exceeds anything Huffy has done in the past. This new brand would ultimately open-up new markets and channels for Huffy, offering more outdoor fun opportunities for kids and their parents. They needed a name that conveyed a new ride-on that is rugged, durable, strong, high-tech, cool, innovative, and has the highest power and quality.

The Name

“Torex” was the chosen name as it was a combination of the words Torrent (tumultuous outpouring/rush) or Torque (force/power) with “EX” like in EXtreme/EXtra/EXcellence. It was a name that packs a punch, sounds extreme and mechanically sophisticated.

The Result

Torex was featured in the Walmart Toy Lab in the fall of 2019, showcasing the hottest toys of the season. It has been blazing it’s own trail in the market ever since!

“NameStormers developed as many names as needed, at no added charge, until we were satisfied.” -Kris Parlett, Director of Marketing

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