CABC’s Ignite

The Need

CABC needed a new corporate moniker. Their existing name was too often confused with ABC. No one could remember what the individual letters stood for. They wanted a new name that fit their cutting-edge positioning, created some excitement, had a high level of energy, and fit their young, vibrant, on-the-go personality. Of course, they also needed it to be easy-to-remember. 

The Name

“Ignite” fit the disruptive technology positioning. It was short, snappy, easy to say and easy to spell. It connoted something exciting that might start a whole new industry trend and something that “explodes” old standards and limitations. “Ignite” also lended itself to exciting visuals and attention-grabbing colors.

The Result

Ignite Technologies is now a global leader in enterprise software solutions with a name everyone can get ”stoked” about.