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The right names are pretty powerful for a great business. A relevant, informative, attractive, and unique name for your business is the hallmark of any solid and lasting business.

Get your business name right, and you unlock lasting customer engagement, new customer acquisition, improved loyalty, unending business success, among other benefits. Get it wrong, and your business future looks uncertain.

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However, whether it’s for a new business or an existing one, creating a business name is no walk in the park. 

So much so that choosing a perfect business name that’s unique, catchy, and communicates what your business does is one of the tougher nuts to crack in the business world. 

Luckily for you, company naming is one of NameStormer’s specialties. We help our clients navigate the waters of branding efforts and have gotten them fantastic results, as evident in our awards and success stories.

Below, we’ll dive a bit deeper into six crucial things you need to know when creating a business name. 

The Significance of a Properly Created Business Name

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We all can agree that you can’t have a business without a business name. After all, how will your customers and potential prospects identify your brand and what it has to offer?

The name you choose for your company can make or break your business. Think of a business name as a landmark, the defining piece of your business identity. 

When creating a business name, go for an easily pronounced, attention-grabbing, recognizable, and memorable one that resonates with your products and services while setting you apart from your competitors. 

Customers also associate your business name with the value it provides. 

Here’s why getting your company name right is absolutely vital:

  • It defines what your business is about.
  • It informs your target market.
  • It helps guide your business strategy, vision, and mission.
  • It motivates and inspires you and your team.
  • It sets the scene for how customers, prospects, partners, and rivals view your business.

So, rather than put your business in a position where its name isn’t practical and jeopardizes all the hard work you’ve put in, you must nail your business naming process

That’s because a good business name plays a critical role in propelling your business to success. You don’t want your company to add to the statistics of failed companies because of a name that didn’t work.

If available, you can also secure a good domain name and register for a trademark for the name, which helps build your brand.

The Power of Creative Business Name Ideas

Power of Creative Business Name Ideas

Before finding the perfect business name, you need to take some time and careful consideration of possible names for your business. 

At this point, you’ll want to think carefully about your business, its products and services, and the image you’ll present to consumers. You’ll also need to strategize on how you stand out from your competitors.

To begin with, assemble the key decision-makers, think, brainstorm, pitch, get help from naming experts and note down your business name ideas.

From there, you can work through the listed names to find what works for you and what resonates with new customers. 

Some key questions to ask yourselves when coming up with new ideas include; 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is your company name also your brand?
  • Will your business model require changes in the future?
  • What’s your value proposition? 
  • Is the name too plain, cliché with random words, complex, or hindering your business goals or vision? 

Ideally, you want to create a unique business name that puts your business on the map of your existing and new customers. The perfect business and brand names are catchy, expressive while blending in aspects of creativity such that consumers can effortlessly recognize your business online, in advertisements, or stores. 

For example, we worked with Circuit City and came up with ‘CarMax,’ a short and sweet business name inspiring professionalism, safety, and trust in customers looking to buy a motor vehicle. 

It’s a great identity strategy for the car company, positioning them as a top brand in the automotive service industry.

What to Exactly Include in Your Business Name

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Naming your business is more challenging than you might think, especially if it’s your first time. Not to put you off. We’re just keeping things realistic while telling you that it takes time, effort, and potentially a few setbacks, but it’s doable.

Your business name should be unique and straightforward while mirroring what your business does and offers your customers. Any business name that deviates from these aspects will see you struggle to turn your ideas into a meaningful business name.

On paper, that sounds like a lot to put into a single word or two, but remember, your business name makes for a brandable business. 

To ensure you pick a great business name, your choice of name should:

  • Be descriptive, evocative, or apsirational (the name should convey some meaning)
  • Be memorable
  • Echo your mission and brand values 
  • Strengthen your brand identity
  • Be simple
  • Be unique
  • Demonstrate the value proposition you’ll provide customers
  • Incorporate what your prospects are looking for
  • Seem fun, witty, or clever

How to Name Your Business

Before you jump into naming your business, let’s get you up to speed on what you need to know before you settle for name ideas. 

You don’t want to fall prey to trendy or vague options and realize later on that there was a mistake, especially after you’ve built a good reputation and established a solid client base. 

To help you avoid common business naming mistakes:

  • Understand your business
  • Let the name tell a story
  • Go for descriptive and memorable keywords
  • Will your name be easily found in search engines? 
  • Consider SEO in the naming process
  • Choose a naming style
  • Choose a business name that’ll stand the test of time (doesn’t limit your business growth) 
  • Check if your business name is already taken or trademarked
  • Check domain availability and verify that the .com domain name and social media handles aren’t taken
  • Register your business name 
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Why You Can’t Count On a Free Business Name Generator

Building a powerful yet catchy business name that communicates your brand is certainly not a day’s work. For many small businesses, it leads to leveraging a business name generator. 

While a business name generator sounds appealing, it’s tedious. Also, the odds of getting an effective business idea with a business name generator are significantly low. 

Of course, most business name ideas from a business name generator need some fine-tuning to ensure you get a good business name. What’s more, most good names are often taken, which is discouraging. 

Perhaps the most important reason you shouldn’t count on a business name generator is the fact that no machine can understand and address your needs firsthand. 

With so many things to consider when choosing a company name, you cannot afford to base such a critical decision on what technology tells you. 

It may come back to bite you in the future as you expand. Your business name is more than just a ‘name’. It’s the identity of your brand which deserves time, attention, and deliberation. 

With decades of experience in brand naming services, we now know that influential business names are characterized by some human aspects like emotion, which technology can’t comprehend. 

Choosing expert naming services is a better option that provides you a comprehensive, data-driven look at your overall business picture to give a better shot at getting your perfect business name idea. 

The Benefits of Professional Company Naming Services

Benefits of Professional Company Naming Services

As a sharp business owner, you now know that a company name generator isn’t the answer to your business naming needs. 

As mentioned above, a free business name generator is limited and can’t be the ideal choice for perfect name ideas. For long-term and catchy business names (which we recommend), you’re better off investing in company naming services instead. 

A professional naming company with extensive company naming experience backed by science and research will ensure you get well-researched and unique business name ideas that represent your values, target audience, while encompassing your branding architecture.

At NameStormers, we don’t just get you a business name, we can do a deep dive through Quantitative Name Evaluation Research and test reactions to your brand name.  

We give every crucial aspect for creating the best business name possible for your brand the top priority. We also instantly check domain availability to quickly help you obtain a unique online domain as well as provide some trademark guidance.

Ready to Kick Off Your Business Naming Process? 

In an increasingly saturated business environment where prospects struggle to tell between service providers, your business cannot afford to parade a weak brand name and strategy.

You can have the perfect products and services, but a weak brand name will frustrate your efforts.

At NameStormers, we are adamant about brand-building and product innovation. Our more than three decades worth of industry experience has seen us grow towards inspiring businesses to reap the rewards of naming their businesses effectively.

Our attention to detail and a transparent seven-step process involve client feedback before your name list is finalized. We also fine-tune our name submissions through unlimited rounds based on your thoughts for no extra fee–all at a fast turnaround.

Hermes awards

Also, you’ll be glad to know that our relentless drive to count amongst the best branding companies and offer the best possible branding services and support hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Some of our accolades include:

Hundreds of companies like yours count on NameStormers to solve their branding and product innovation. Our goal is to make your branding headaches disappear by providing business names that are available, viable, and inspirational to you and your team.

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If you are struggling with branding or you’ve run out of ideas, let’s talk. There’s no reason not to start winning with our company naming and branding services.

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