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Naming your company might just be the most significant business decision you ever make. The name needs to be appealing. It needs to be memorable. It needs to represent your values, capture the fancy of your target audience, and fit within your overall branding architecture. Unlike a product or service name, you’re going to live with your company name forever. Are you feeling the pressure yet?

Take a deep, soothing breath. Our company or non-profit naming services have been forged in the fire of experience. We understand that a company name has to encompass your brand and your products, and we ask all the right questions at the outset of the NameStorming process. Here are just a few of the questions that help us gain an intimate understanding of your brand and how your company name helps define it:

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Is Your 
Company Name Also Your Brand?

Once upon a time, companies went with the “house of brands” approach to try to establish unique identities for each offering, rolling out multiple, distinct brands without leveraging their company brand. Nowadays, there’s more clutter in the marketplace, which means it can be difficult to build multiple distinct product brands. That’s why companies tend to favor the “branded house” approach in today’s climate. When your brand and company name share an identity, it enables you to more easily cut through the noise and build top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

On the other hand, if your company is your brand, it can be harder to diversify and strike out in a new direction. You want to establish awareness and preference without tying your hands when it comes to future endeavors. Can you foresee your company offering other products or changing its services? We understand that the names we generate need staying power and versatility to match your creative vision, and these questions help us get a firm grasp on your goals.

Will Your Business Model Change in the Future?
Who Is Your Target Audience?

While product and service names require the approval of the customer first and foremost, company names must satisfy investors, stakeholders, and employees. Of course, if your company name becomes your masterbrand, you’ll need to consider all of these constituencies. That’s all the more reason to rope in the experts to handle your company naming project.

What is the strategy you want to hang your hat on? Do you want to create an entirely new category, or stand out within an existing one? Does your name work with your various products? Will your company name be placed on the products? We ask questions you may not have even thought to ask yourself in order to provide functional, fitting names worthy of a legacy.

What Is Your Strategy?
NameStormers Can Help Bring Your New Company Name to Life

A company name should never be chosen based on a guess, or the subjective opinions of a few people in your inner circle. Our rigorous seven-step method zaps the uncertainty out of the company naming process. From extensive trademark and linguistic screening to optional name evaluation research, our business naming services are thorough and research-backed. At Namestormers, we’re here to guide you through this momentous decision, and we’re willing to repeat our process as many times as it takes for you to say with total confidence, “We’ve nailed it.”

Here’s what you get when you choose NameStormers for your company naming project:

  • Hundreds of ideas, ranked by their viability. Instead of just a handful of possible names, we bring tons of ideas to the table, scored by their availability and potential to generate buzz.
  • Research-backed name candidates. Just coming up with a great name isn’t enough — it needs to work for your customer base. We take names to task, running them through a complete Customer Validation Study. When you engage our services, you’ll know that your name appeals to your marketing audiences.
  • Trademark screening. We compare name candidates against your competitors to prevent trademark infringement issues down the line.
  • Domain name screening. No .net or .biz for you. We help you screen website names for .com domain availability so you know customers and clients can reach you online.
  • Flat-fee services. With us, you know exactly what you’re paying, no matter how long it takes to nail your name.
  • As many rounds of names as you need. We want you to feel confident that you have the perfect name for your business. That’s why we’re willing to go back to the drawing board as many times as it takes — at no extra cost to you.
Solving Your Company’s Biggest Naming Challenges

We know that names need to work hard for your business. We can help you tackle even some of the thorniest naming obstacles, helping you:

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Appeal to new customers
  • Address trademark issues
  • Give your company a new identity
  • Position your business for new growth

In our time as naming experts, we’ve been able to work on company naming projects for some of the biggest names in the biz and some very successful regional brands. Here are just a few of our satisfied customers.

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