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  • Empowered Imaging Partners, LLC struggled with its own internal marketing group for 10+ weeks to coin the brand name that would launch our national Preventive Health Screening brand. When we eventually gave up and turned to Mike Carr and NameStormers, we were impressed with their professionalism and process orientation. HealthYES.com was the final brand chosen out of at least 3 viable alternatives provided by NameStormers. Without reservation, we recommend NameStormers as 'the company to turn to' for naming.
    Craig Lindley and Dale Wood - Co-Founders of Empowered Imaging Partners, LLC - now HealthYES.com
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  • We have rarely encountered the level of service and professionalism we received with you. You made us feel that we were important, and you did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. And frankly, after such a positive experience with you, I can't help but notice how the service we receive from others pales in comparison. We felt like you put your heart into this project, and we will forever appreciate the attention you gave us. Whenever we encounter anyone in the future who needs your services, you will be the first and only name we recommend. Thank you. We have sincerely enjoyed working with you.
    Tim Dietrich - CEO, formerly Amicus Mutual Insurance Company, now Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company
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  • I can't say enough about how well you handled what would have been a very difficult if not impossible branding exercise for us to do in-house. The NameStormers brought an excellent level of creativity, objectivity and a fresh look at what we live with everyday, and that is just what we needed. At the beginning of this project, I had my doubts about our ability to come up with a brand name in just 3 weeks and clearly without your help, we wouldn't have been able to do it. You really made my job easy.
    Kate Strong - Manager, Marketing Communications - Lightbridge
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  • I received your presentation booklet for our new car concept---I looked through it and want to compliment you on an outstanding job. The names you have developed will be terrific starting points for us as we move our project forward. We will not hesitate to use your firm again.
    Mike Suchstand - Vice President, Strategic Development - THORN Americas, Inc.
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What Must Your New Name Do?


Itza2A simple enough question that we’ve asked for over 20 years.

The answers range from the deceptively simple: “Sell itself” to the overly ambitious “Telegraph our brand positioning, differentiate from the competition, improve customer loyalty, catch the attention of prospects and grow our revenues while increasing our market share.”

But what if we change the question to perhaps better fit your situation: What Must Your New Name Do … Even if You Don’t Have a Budget?

Read the rest

Memorable Brand Names Stand Out In A Crowd


A name is usually the first thing seen and all too often, the first thing forgotten. For this reason, it’s important for businesses, services, and nonprofit organizations to choose the right brand name to make a favorable impression and drive their business success. Since 1985, NameStormers has worked with thousands of national and international companies to create engaging brand names for products, companies, and services in less time and for less money. We work with you to develop the right company name and develop winning branding strategies for a flat, fixed fee services.Our track record is longer than just about every other naming consulting firm and our clients often return due to our creativity and open communication creating business names that convey your key point of differentiation, cut through the clutter, and give you more visibility.

NameStorming(R) makes a difference


————- Over 80% of our business this past year was from repeat customers. Many of these clients benefited from our naming services after trying at least one other consulting firm before hiring us. They’ve told us that our naming agency does a better job developing the type of brand name they’re after, in less time and often for a lot less money than other naming companies they are aware of. One customer commented, “NameStormers brought an excellent level of creativity, objectivity and a fresh look at what we live with everyday.” Our customer testimonials and customer review videos give an indepth look at why other clients chose NameStormers for their company naming needs.

NameStormers Provides Superior Naming Services


NameStormers navigates the creative process of brand name development with your organization’s team to generate a business name that cuts through the noise and gets you noticed. In addition to company naming, NameStormers’ developes comprehensive brand strategies. Our naming consultants can analyze the success of your new brand name before it’s finalized!

1. We work for a flat fee until you’re satisfied with the new brand name.

Many naming agencies have a satisfaction guarantee but they keep the meter running. NameStormers doesn’t. Even though we might lose money the first time we provide you with name consulting services, we will create an outstanding brand name for your business regardless. Our level of creative professionalism has earned client loyalty time and again so the next time your company has a product or brand naming need, you’ll think of NameStormers and maybe even tell your friends.

2. You work directly with a principal of NameStormers or a senior team member.

Many consultants at NameStormers have worked on hundreds of brand naming projects. Our two principal team members have each worked on well over a thousand company name consulting projects and one of them will be your project manager. You choose or if you prefer, you can select one of our other senior team members.

3. We are very good at company naming and this is all we do.

We’re not a part-time naming company nor an agency that has naming listed as one of several branding services. Naming is it for us. We provide businesses with the legal & linguistic research, the name testing and the logo design if you want us to; but everything we do is about the name. Because of the quality of NameStormers’ work, some of the top ad agencies and branding agencies in the business hire us to do the company naming and product naming for their clients.

4. The professional experience of our team.

Simply put: the NameStormers team is outstanding. While every one of our naming consultants likes to have fun and may be viewed by some as a bit zany, each is passionate about naming. You’ll notice NameStormers brings a wealth of experience to the table, ranging from copywriting and software coding, to industrial design and devising marketing strategies for international companies. Some of us are in our early 20’s and the rest of us are, well, somewhat older. And for our international projects, we like to involve our name consultants living in each key country you are targeting to help develop that winning company, product, or service name.

5. We are accessible, 365 days a year.

You can get a hold of us when you need to and NameStormers responds promptly. Mike’s (one of our founders) personal cell phone number is 512-917-6923. Feel free to write it down and call him now or whenever it’s convenient. If he is in a meeting or if it is in the middle of the night, he will call back as soon as he is available. How many other naming consultants do you think give out their founder’s personal cell phone number? It goes to show, we’re serious about customizing our naming services to help your company develop a great name quickly and painlessly.

Contact us or check us out


Even if your company doesn’t have an immediate naming need, we’ll send you our price list when you key in your email address in the far right column at the top of this page. If you like, we’ll occasionally send you tips and techniques on company naming or product naming that you’ll find of interest. We’ve helped thousands of organizations–from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies find that key company name or brand name that helps drive their business success. We look forward to hearing from you.

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