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X Marks a Lot!

By: Ashley Elliott

Here at NameStormers we always strive to provide guidance and advice to help our partners be more successful in all of their naming endeavors. 

Recently our CEO & Founder Mike Carr spoke with the New York Times and Business Insider, weighing in on some of the pros and cons regarding Elon Musk shifting from a name like Twitter to X.

The approachable bird that has appealed to the Twitter audience represented the cute, fun, social element of the platform, while the new X leans to an extreme, technology-driven, harsher connotation.

In the world of naming, this change from Twitter to X is polarizing; some critics have expressed feeling alienated, forcibly detached from the 15 years of brand value, while proponents feel it makes sense to shift and rebrand, “unpacking” the Twitter brand baggage- if you will.

Only time will tell if the “caged” bird continues to sing as a cultural icon, or if X really represents the unknown variable behind Elon Musk’s overhaul of the brand.

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