TrueYou by The Vitamin Shoppe

The Client

Since 1977, The Vitamin Shoppe has expanded to over 780 stores and has been dedicated to helping you become your best self, however you define it. They carry a huge assortment of high-quality, cutting-edge supplements, proteins, healthy weight support, aromatherapy, herbs, superfoods, natural beauty products, and more. Their goal is to deliver high-quality nutritional and self-care solutions from the most innovative brands, as well as expert guidance to support any health goal.

The Need

The Vitamin Shoppe has identified a gap in the market – women’s health and wellness supplements across the life cycle, or as they describe it, “from post-grad to post-menopause”. Historically, Vitamin Shoppe consumers are 45+ years old and have a higher household income, but this new product line hopes to provide products that will help women of all ages “Love Your Brilliant Self”. This brand will convey a warm, generous, radiant, and passionate lifestyle with a special focus on self-love and self-care, rather than the typical lead of functional, clinical benefits. 

The Name

The Vitamin Shoppe team was looking for a name that encourages consumers to “Love Your Brilliant Self” and a name that would be attractive to both younger and older female audiences. They wanted the new name to feel generous, brilliant, radiant, and passionate. They also wanted the name to be aspirational, inspirational, and evocative, fitting into the “Lover” brand archetype.

Despite a challenging and saturated naming landscape, NameStormers presented several viable name options that were prescreened for trademark risk. TrueYou was the winning name that checked all of the boxes and launched in 2022. TrueYou conveys the value of being loving and true to yourself by caring for your health and wellness. The rhyming element made for a memorable name that rolls off the tongue and the name was affirmed as a top choice among target consumers via a name validation study.