Triple Flex-CholestOff Story

Pharmavite’s NatureMade Triple Flex

The Need

When Pharmavite approached NameStormers about naming some of their supplements, a big concern was clutter, confusion and noise in the category. There were so many supplements and vitamins with meaningless names it was hard for customers to know what they were getting or even why they would want it. They needed simple, easy to understand names that immediately conveyed the key benefit on package and on-shelf. 

The Name

One of the winning names was Triple Flex because is easy to say & spell while being suggestive of increased flexibility. It relates to the 3 key ingredients that reduce joint pain & improve mobility. The other name was CholestOffwhich told the consumer exactly what the supplement would do for them, without requiring that they read the small print.With minimal advertising and Point-of-Purchase spend, each of these names helped drive engagement and increase sales.