for Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) needed to re-brand its C.E. Schmidt line of workwear. Competitive brands like Carhartt were out-selling C.E. Schmidt even though C.E. Schmidt workwear was priced lower for garments with the same quality and features. TSC wanted to boost its overall brand stature and image, making its brands more competitive. One way they endeavored to do this was with a more aspirational and engaging name, like Duluth or North Face.

The new name needed to be able to hit the ground running with inherent appeal and connect in some way to outdoor imagery or a rugged & tough image without alienating women. They wanted names that spoke to the pioneer, the person who makes their own rules, and enjoys the great outdoors.

After being presented with several name options, “RidgeCut” rose to the top. It was the rugged, outdoorsy and compelling name needed to communicate the inherent quality, style, and functionality of the C.E. Schmidt line of workwear.

The RidgeCut line was launched in August 2019 and in January 2020 Tractor Supply announced that their new workwear brand would be expanding into footwear and accessories. They anticipate that they are on their way up the market ridge!