From AirDye to IMBU

The Need

AirDye needed to develop a new name to replace AirDye as the new masterbrand for the company’s flagship color management solution (CMS) designed to achieve effortless, accurate color matching digitally. The CMS was comprised of a virtual product development workspace, tools for sourcing, and a cloud-based color management system. Initially, it is targeted at the apparel and home furnishing industries but ultimately can be extended to any industry that needs to manage the physical application of color. The timing of this solution was important, especially in the apparel market. Innovative, “fast fashion” companies like Zara and H&M were forcing others to improve their responsiveness or die out. The new name needed to work for dual decision-makers, supply chain managers (especially at fashion retailers), as well as convey creative freedom, empowerment, and dependability.

The Name

After two rounds of trademark-screened names, the AirDye team chose “Imbu” as the new masterbrand name because it means “to inspire or influence thoroughly; pervade” and “to saturate or dye”. The name was also short, easy to say and remember, and resonated with their target audience.