Site Controls & VC Partners

The Need

The power grid in the U. S. was a mess.  Utilities around the country couldn’t generate enough power during peak load periods to meet demand and the problem was only getting worse.  Many utilities had to keep a sizable portion of their generation capacity idle the majority of the time, only turning it on during a relatively few hours a year when absolutely needed.  Even then, rolling brownouts and blackouts were becoming more commonplace as total power demand during peak periods exceeded all available capacity. Site Controls and their VC Partners needed a name for a new entity they were launching to help address this need in the commercial business sector.

The Name

SureGrid from NameStormers was selected as the winning name. It helped support and convey the value prop of a trusted alternative to the utility power grid.  After a relatively short time business, Siemens purchased SureGrid, providing a handsome gain to the company’s founders and their Venture Capital partners.