TowerRock Oil & Gas

The Client: Oscar Torres

The Need: In 2013, Oscar Torres was starting a new professional, customer-focused company that buys and sells oil, gas, and mineral rights. The new company name needed to be easy to say, easy to spell and most importantly, easy to remember. The name also needed to be professional, convey a valuable advisor, connote trustworthiness, reliability, and being a solid partner. Lastly, a few of the names could incorporate Torres or Tower.

The Name: After two rounds of prescreened names for trademark and domain status, Oscar found a name that really resonated with the vision he had for his new company. The chosen company name,TowerRock” conveyed a solid, dependable, and reliable company. The name also provided good imagery of towering rocks and rock formations related to oil discovery.

The Results: The last 7 years, Tower Rock Oil & Gas has been committed to securing top dollar for oil, gas, and mineral rights for their clients and continues to be a huge success.