“Unlike other vendors, they’ve been great about taking the lead.” -Angela Smith, Consumer Insights Manager

Talking Rain “OhMega!”

The Need

Talking Rain wanted to develop a brand name for a new self-stable Chia juice offering. It would capture share from existing chia consumers as well as draw new consumers into the category, especially those who are interested in chia’s health benefits but who have been turned off in the past by its texture and thickness. Talking Rain was able to eliminate the Chia husk resulting in a more drinkable, less gelatinous beverage still loaded with Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin C. Positioned primarily as a morning or breakfast beverage, it would also be consumed mid-afternoon or whenever the consumer needed a quick and healthy “pick me up.” It contains a balance of fruit juices, emulsified Chia and natural caffeine. The new name needed to embrace the power of omega and the benefits of omega 3s, 6s, and 9s. The name also needed to suggest a better-for-you, healthier beverage that’s loaded with nutritional benefits, tastes amazing, and provides a pick-me-up experience.

The Name

The NameStormers team developed dozens of names that were prescreened for trademark and domain availability, but the ultimate winner was “OhMega!”. This name was an intentional misspelling of “omega” that was easy to pronounce, suggested that this drink was full of omega nutrition, but also sounded like a fun pick-me-up.