Some of our clients love names that “pop” off of packaging, signage, advertisements, etc.  These names tend to draw the eye and standout among the competitive clutter.  So, how to achieve this effect?  Besides incorporating interesting graphic elements and color, here are a few other suggestions:

  1. Embed a number inside a name like ALL4ONE or GOOD2GO.  The unusual spelling helps to draw the eye and also gives the name a more hip and contemporary, almost text messaging type of feel.
  2. Keep the names short so a larger point size can be used in whatever limited space you have.  When we came up with names like RAVE for Herr Foods or EDGE for Frito-Lay, they had the billboard effect when printed on packaging given their relative large size compared to the rest of the copy.
  3. Combine two words normally not associated with one another together.  DIEHARD for a battery was a brilliant brand name that tended to pop for several reasons, including the unusual combination of words.
  4. Slightly change a familir spelling in a relevant way.  For example, we developed the name TINBUKTU for a restaurant in Florida that had a distinctive tin roof.  The word twist on the familiar spelling and the obvious visual cue when someone visited the eatery helped make the name pop.

If you have other suggestions on how  to make a name pop, please post your suggestion or feel free to email me directly at

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