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Naming Tips

Naming: Simpler is Better

By June 7, 2017March 31st, 2023No Comments

When it comes to naming, simple is usually better.

We believe this is true regardless of your budget.

You are always battling for attention and today, in almost any venue, there seems to be more clutter and noise than ever before.

Take the upheaval currently going on in the healthcare space with the Affordable Care Act. Big dollars are being spent by many. Hospitals are promoting their services to patients. Insurers are signing up hospitals and recruiting physicians. And big government is going after everyone.

So how do you cut through the advertising cacophony to grab and hold the attention of patients, doctors or anyone else in this space?

With simple and direct names, whether you are selling B2C or B2B.

Well Advised is a name of a self-help healthcare guide published by Mosby. We like how it puts a positive spin on healthcare with “Well” as the lead. We also like its directness. If you are consumer looking for a book on wellness that you can rely upon, a name like Well Advised makes sense.

In the B2B space, we think names like Practice iQ are effective in engaging physicians. Being smarter when it comes to running a practice and providing intelligent, high quality care has got to be a top priority for most of them.

So when developing your next new name, don’t let the latest naming trend or the unbridled enthusiasm of your creative team get in the way of what is really important: just keep it simple.

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