Cardiac science

Cardiac Science’s “Pyramis”

The Need

Cardiac Science was about to launch their flagship data management solution for the hospital market. Cardiac Science’s ECG Data Management System would centralize diagnostic ECG data, providing instant electronic access to this information anywhere, any time. They needed a name that conveyed the comprehensiveness of the data and the easy accessibility to the data.

The Name

Pyramis, from “pyramid,” communicated a strong, many-faceted structure that offered both easy-access and protection. In the world of health information exchange, it is important to have a name that has gravitas, but also a name that sounds secure, reliable and long-lasting. The pyramid is ancient and it’s also modern, making it a timeless structure that could hold many people, resources, etc. This name emphasized the system benefits, while providing the level of credibility that Cardiac Science hoped to convey. Hospital systems heralded the system saying “Our Pyramis solution provides clients with a scalable and high-quality cardiology information management system that is easy to use, learn and support.”