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Brand Development Done Right Builds Equity in Corporate Name

By January 5, 2020June 7th, 2023No Comments

Brand Development Done Right Builds Equity in Corporate Name ITW Company Valeron Looked to Leading Naming Agency NameStormers for Vortec’s Winning Corporate Brand Strategy Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 6, 2010—Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW) company, Valeron, collaborated with naming company NameStormers to successfully launch Vortec—a high-performance, moisture management film for industrial applications. As with all businesses, Valeron’s future growth depended on building a strong brand name. NameStormers was hired to apply best practices in comprehensive corporate branding strategies and develop a name for Valeron’s newest product. The naming company and Valeron incorporated the look and feel of the corporate name into the subsidiary brand, using a technique applied to other naming projects NameStormers has completed for national and international businesses alike—including several Fortune 500 companies. Valeron’s new brand name met the criteria to:

  • Support corporate brand positioning
  • Build equity in the corporate brand
  • Relate to the product’s function
  • Differentiate it from competing products

The winning name for Valeron’s newest product was Vortec because it related to water (a vortex), the unique spiral pattern embossed on the surface that facilitated water drainage, and the corporate parent brand.

About NameStormers Naming Consultant Company: Since 1985, NameStormers has worked with thousands of international companies to create engaging and articulate brand names. Based in Austin, Texas, the branding company sets a flat fee for brand and company naming services including logo and tagline design. The naming agency can analyze the success of a new brand name before finalizing it by testing customer responses and through legal and linguistal research. Clients work directly with senior people whose experience exceeds just about every name consulting firm still in the industry today. For more information on name development services, call (512)-267-1814 or visit NameStormers.

About Valéron®: Since 1965, Valéron® Strength Films has specialized in manufacturing high-strength oriented cross-laminated polyethylene and other specialty films used in demanding packaging, print media, construction and other strength and specialty film applications. Lauded for their strength, tear resistance, puncture and burst resistance, Valeron boasts the highest strength-to-thickness ratio of any competitive synthetic. It is one of over 800 business units owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) a multinational Fortune 200 company making products for construction, general industrial, automotive, food and beverage, food equipment, industrial capital goods, paper products, consumer durables, and electric markets.

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