Meet Our Team

From the east coast to the west coast, engineers to social workers, millennials to boomers, our team is diverse in skillsets, life experiences, and geographies.


Director of Client Services

Sarah Tooley hails from Austin currently calling Boston home. Sarah earned a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas and a degree in Non-Profit Management at Boston College. Sarah worked in the nonprofit sector on social enterprises for 5 years before joining NameStormers full-time in 2020. A wordsmith to her core, Sarah has been known to create names while slicing onions, running, even rising in the middle of the night to jot down that perfect combination of vowels and consonants.


Director of Research

With over 30 years of experience in systems design and consulting, Kay has spent the last 20 years specializing in branding and name development. Previously, she was Director of R&D at Open Connect Systems, managing a team of specialists including software engineers and analysts. At MTech, she was a Vice President, managing the development of a financial ATM network. Additionally, she has worked at Philips Information Systems and Texas Instruments as a Marketing Specialist and Programmer Analyst, respectively. In her free time, she loves playing the piano and has studied and developed systems to assist people with autism. She is unendingly patient and bright, with wit that can bust your gut.


Managing Director

Mike is one of the principals and founders of NameStormers. He is directly involved in every naming project. He has over 30 years of experience in the branding and naming business. Prior to founding NameStormers, Mike was President of The Salinon Corporation and was Sr. Vice President of Compucon, an A. C. Nielsen subsidiary where he led Communications Marketing Research for U.S. and European Nielsen clients. Mike spent his early career years as a Programmer Analyst in advertising and marketing for the Dr. Pepper Company. Mike is a fitness nut, proud father, charismatic grandfather and loving husband.


Director of Marketing

Megan was born and raised in Austin, Texas and earned her degree at The University of Texas at Austin. Megan worked as a first-grade teacher before she decided to get her feet wet in the marketing world by helping independent pharmacies and doctor’s offices come to life through full-service brand development. From renaming mom and pop pharmacies to naming full lines of supplements, Megan discovered the joy, creativity, and challenge of naming and joined the NameStormers team in 2018.


Naming Expert & Graphic Designer

Cierra is an Austin, Texas native with a BFA in Communications Design from Texas State University. Marketing and design have been her heart and passion for over a decade. She has worked with major media networks including KVUE and Community Impact News, and has worked within various design agencies as a freelance designer and web developer. Cierra has a true passion for naming and joined the NameStormers team in 2020.


Graphic Designer

Nicole has over 15 years of design experience, encompassing branding, print + digital marketing and web design for nonprofit and for profit companies. Originally from Chicago, Nicole moved to the East Coast to attend RISD where she earned a BFA in Graphic Design and Art History. She resides in the North Shore of MA and loves its history, scenery and people.


Naming Expert

Ellen joined NameStormers as she is finishing up research for her masters program at the University of Texas. She is always up for a challenge and works on our creative team, helps with trademark screenings, scheduling, coordinating team efforts and even job coaching.


Web Developer & Linguist

A native Texan, Christine studied Linguistics and French Literature and has worked in Switzerland in corporate communications for the past ten years. Having developed a passion for web design and development, she now juggles tech support tasks with her family life as a mother of three, and is proud to be a part of the NameStormers team since 2021.


Naming Expert

Tim earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Indiana. Shortly thereafter he began his career in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Not one to be defined by his work, Tim is an expert at working at play and playing at work. Which is to say we sometimes reach Tim suspended from a sheer rock face or bombing down back country trails on his mountain bike. Tim currently calls Austin, TX home bringing his life loving approach to all he does. And chances are, he’s out bombing trails right now. Hard to say.


Trademark Screener

Destinee currently resides in Southern Indiana while she pursues her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English. When not in class, she can be found at the radio station on campus or online under numerous gamertags, none of which will be named here. Destinee also often takes to pen and paper, writing down new ideas for a story that she will inevitably never write. Being 20, she still has a lot more to learn but is excited about what the future holds and where being a part of the NameStormers team will take her.



In NYC, we have our design guru, Erin, who graduated from the Pratt Institute. She does custom design work for a major shoe manufacturer and has parlayed her cosmopolitan flair and eye for the unique into creative energy for our team. No doubt the night life in the Big Apple provides inspiration for some of her work.



Dustin grew tired of working under the mercurial whims of random bosses, so he cobbled together enough online freelance work to justify self-employment, which has monetarily carried him through the last two years, and served his introverted nature quite well. His primary goal is to use the extra time and autonomy to pursue his lifelong dream of achieving both financial independence and personal fulfillment through the utilization of creative energies. He also likes self-depreciating humor, and thinks this bio is needlessly plagued with nebulous verbosity.


Naming Expert

Kate Keenan is a special education diagnostician working in a Texas school district. A mother of four, she defies the laws of physics by finding time to write sometimes published creative works. Her interests include activism, pondering the meaning of Meta-Modernism, recording her kids doing weird stuff, and engaging in the occasional Facebook argument. As a millennial, she believes in hard work to achieve individual holistic goals with a maximum humanitarian footprint.

Paul Michael

Naming Expert

Paul-Michael is a Social Media Director currently calling Los Angeles home. He has worked on shoots for clients such as 24th Century Fox, Island Records, Disney, and The Food Network. When not on set, Paul-Michael leads for the Art of Freelance (an accelerator for creatives), volunteers as a Youth Crisis Counselor, and rock climbs. When he is not doing any of that, he can be found at home, laughing hysterically, with the love of his life, Elizabeth.