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A perfect name not only enters the brain quickly, but it stays there and works on multiple levels, making emotional and rational connections. NameStormers specializes in new name development, making sure your product, service or organization has an engaging and effective name that sticks. And we work with you until you are happy for a flat, fixed fee.

Individual team member’s backgrounds include everything from brand development, marketing strategy and market research to corporate communications, advertising, copywriting and even the finer arts like banjo playing and custom shoe designing.  We have developed thousands of brand names since our inception in 1985 … longer than just about any other naming agency around. Contact us today and let us learn more about your specific needs

Our Team



An aspiring artist and a banjo player / singer in an Austin band, Ricky brings a cool factor to the NameStormers’ creative team. He frequents the local music scene, hobnobs with the young audiences and knows what is hip and what is not. In addition to his art, music and NameStorming, Ricky occasionally works with the local elections office giving him fresh insights into the issues of the day.



Ellen joined NameStormers as she is finishing up research for her masters program at the University of Texas. She is always up for a challenge and works on our creative team, helps with trademark screenings, scheduling, coordinating team efforts and even job coaching.



Diligent and meticulous, Kathy is our go-to gal for preliminary trademark and web screenings. She has prior experience in the insurance industry at Farmers Insurance Group and retail department management at Dillard’s. Her inquisitive nature and industrial psychology degree make her a natural fit for the NameStormers research team.



With a business undergraduate degree and a masters in special education, Christy is currently working on her PhD in industrial psychology at Rice University and also is helping us with a variety of projects. Her varied background and interests, including triathlons, bring a unique perspective to our projects. She, together with some of our other younger team members, create names that resonate with the under 30 crowd.



Don is a high tech marketing and communications expert. During the past 15 years, he has worked as Marketing Communications Manager at Cirrus Logic and as Marketing Communications Supervisor at Teco-Westinghouse Electric Corporation.



The recipient of a TOPS Gold, Silver Microphone and Telly Award, Jeanine has enjoyed her over 20 years in advertising and copywriting. She began at Drawing Board Greeting Cards and quickly advanced to copywriter and producer for several prestigious agencies including: Arnold/Harwell/McClain and Tracy-Locke. Jeanine often creates some of the best names for every project she works on.


Kay S.

With over 20 years of experience in systems design and consulting, Kay has spent the last 15 years specializing in branding and name development. Prior to her name development work, she was Director of R&D at Open Connect Systems, managing a team of specialists including software engineers and analysts. At MTech, she was a Vice President, managing the development of a financial ATM network. Additionally, she has worked at Phillips Information Systems and Texas Instruments as a Marketing Specialist and Programmer Analyst, respectively.


Kay T.

Kay has worked as a newspaper reporter, juvenile probation counselor, editor, advertising/sales manager and mortgage specialist. And now as a member of the NameStormers creative team, this broad range of experiences gives her creative naming work uncommon insight and a unique edge.



Mike is one of the principals and founders of NameStormers, and he personally contributes to every naming project. Mike has over 30 years of experience in marketing and marketing research, including more than 20 years of experience in the branding and naming business. Prior to founding NameStormers, Mike was President of The Salinon Corporation and was Sr. Vice President of Compucon, an A. C. Nielsen subsidiary where he led Communications Marketing Research for U.S. and European Nielsen clients. Mike spent his early career years as a Programmer Analyst in advertising and marketing for the Dr Pepper Company.




Michael performs a variety of tasks for our office including shredding, handling the mail, emptying the trash, light cleaning and pencil-sharpening. He is a unique individual with autism and his job coach or members of our staff assist him with these tasks.



Paula built her knowledge of creative naming, brand development, marketing strategy and advertising communications in the high technology industry and expanded from there to energy, health, real estate and the consumer products sectors. At Intel, she rose to the position of Group Brand Manager. And at General Electric/RCA, she was Video Producer for Interactive Products. In addition, she developed communications programs for Johnson & Johnson.



In NYC, we have our design guru, Erin, who graduated from the Pratt Institute. She does custom design work for a major shoe manufacturer and has parlayed her cosmopolitan flair and eye for the unique into creative energy for our team. No doubt the night life in the Big Apple provides inspiration for some of her work.



Sarah attended the University of Texas and graduated with an Advertising degree. She worked as Communications Director at a local college church directly out of college and then on to Beirut, Lebanon where she attended the University to learn more about Lebanese society and Middle Eastern cultural. She is now studying in Boston and helping us remotely.

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THORN Americas

I received your presentation booklet for our new car concept—I looked through it and want to compliment you on an outstanding job. The names you have developed will be terrific starting points for us as we move our project forward. We will not hesitate to use your firm again. Mike Suchstand – Vice President, Strategic … read more

Major Global Tire Company

I want to thank you very much for your team’s effort on this project. You all worked very quickly and gave us excellent direction. I am sure many hours were spent in developing the many name lists you presented us. Your added value enabled us to move forward with a name consumers preferred over the … read more


We have filed six trademarks to date which were created by The NameStormers. As is, six global trademarks in one year is unprecedented for any agency we have contacted. On several projects, you triumphed where other agencies had failed us. The process is simple, fast and yields wonderful results. Tracey K. Higgins – Director, Trademark … read more

Intuitive Edge

I wanted to thank you and the NameStorming team for your great effort in helping me find a name for the company and our first product…starting a new business is quite a sizeable undertaking so knowing a competent team was tending to the name issues was a relief. We love the (company) name. We are … read more

Dow Chemical

The naming industry landscape is littered with agencies that make the process seem onerous and intimidating. They tout their unique proprietary processes, advanced research and ideation tools, etc. And then they tell you it’s going to take months and months. Ugh. With Mike and NameStormers, you get a team focused on results. Their approach is … read more

Design North

I have hired Mike to do naming projects for several of our clients. Naming can be a difficult area for many companies and Mike does a great job walking people through the process and making them feel comfortable. One of his strengths is his ability to ask the right questions to really understand the problem … read more

Centex Home Equity

Mike, Thanks for the quick turn around time. I appreciate all you have done to help us with name, logo and tagline. Some great work! Rob Greenbaum – Senior Vice President – Marketing – Nationstar, formerly Centex Home Equity

Puget Sound

Thank you for your excellent work, great customer service, and fast turnaround. I’d be happy to provide references for you. We decided on Alliant as a good tie to the corporate name: Virginia Mason-Group Health Alliance, Inc. And we’ve got two Alliant Health Plans, Plus which is a point of service plan, and Select for … read more

Stone Trust

We have rarely encountered the level of service and professionalism we received with you. You made us feel that we were important, and you did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. And frankly, after such a positive experience with you, I can’t help but notice how the service … read more


Thanks so much for all your expert advice and professional project management throughout this endeavor. This has been one of the most satisfying engagements with a vendor that I have experienced over the years, which speaks to the high quality and thoughtful output of your efforts. I especially appreciated your flexibility and patience as the … read more

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