“The team worked with precision to deliver the result that we wanted.” –VP of Marketing

From SmartBIM Technologies to “Concora”

The Need

SmartBIM is a pioneering global leader in technical content management for building product manufacturers (BPMs). SmartBIM simplifies the process of managing up-to-date content, including BIM and CAD, to include insights and solutions for product marketing, content creation, and sustainability. Their technology platform is a comprehensive solution that helps building product manufacturers more effectively market their products to architects, engineers and contractors. They came to us with the need to develop a new Doing Business As (DBA) name that wasn’t so limiting and that could span current and future offerings. The name needed to:

-Create buzz, grab attention and generate excitement and interest among their marketing and sales targets while also helping gain the trust and confidence of their budget-holders.

-Convey a sense or feeling of leadership, trust and confidence vs. trying to describe exactly what they do.

-Suggest that they are a one-stop-shop, single platform for a complete, seamlessly integrated solution.

-Support the value of building lasting, invaluable relationships by becoming a key partner providing needed expertise, help & guidance.

The Name

On the first round of names, “Concora” was a name that stood out for a few reasons. “Con” is a prefix that means “with” or “thoroughly,” while “cora” has the word “cor” in it suggesting that this technology is thorough and seamless to the core. The SmartBIM team felt the name communicated that their platform was dependable, with everything easily accessible & up-to-date. The name supported the value of their technology being fully integrated & working together seamlessly. NameStormers also owned the Concora dot com domain which made this name even more accessible and enticing for the SmartBIM team and the domain was transferred to them at no additional charge!

The Result

After giving the new name some life with a colorful logo and revamped website, SmartBIM, now Concora, had a new identity, a new direction, and a new incredible opportunity to grow relationships with their clients and ultimately their bottom-line.