Stonetrust Workers Compensation

StoneTrust Workers’ Compensation

The Need

In 2005, Amicus Mutual Insurance Company was under litigation for trademark infringement and they knew that they needed a name change. Furthermore, to better compete with trends in the industry, the company would be converting into a stock insurance company. They would be providing statutory workers’ compensation insurance to employers large and small, with a concentration in construction, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and other service-related businesses. To make a successful transition, they needed a name that conveyed that they were reliable and trustworthy. They also needed a name that was easy to remember & say.

The Name​

StoneTrust was the name that best communicated their steadfast commitment to unsurpassed service, risk screening, accident prevention, and claims management. “Stone” spoke to focusing on their customers’ satisfaction, safety and savings. “Trust” communicated credibility and reliability. Together they created a name with strength that has led the company to great success with zero trademark infringement issues.