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“The best of global marketing speaks across languages and cultures in simple, effective ways that punch through all the noise. NYX Marcom Awards honors the far-reaching efforts of creatives around the world, who continuously find new ways of transforming our industry. NYX Marcom Awards seeks the best work in the marketing and communications world. Only those who communicate universally, through their talent are selected for recognition.”

-NYX Marcom Awards

Formerly known as GlobalTrend Awards, the NYX Awards “celebrates the ideas that shine even in the darkest of nights”. They are looking to see some of the best marketing, communications and video concepts be displayed in what they consider to be “one of the best premier creative awards in the industry today”.

The NameStormers team is proud of the work we did when we partnered with Virbac to coin their new cat bites product- IntelliDent. After entering our work to be considered for a NYX Marcom Award, we are pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a Gold Winner! Being an award-winning naming agency is something we take great honor in and we thank our clients for giving us the opportunity to use our creativity and expertise to help bring their ideas and hard work to life!

Virbac, an animal health pharmaceutical company, asked NameStormers to capitalize on their key differentiators while also elevating the product name to communicate that these bites are the smartest choice for both cats and their owners. NameStormers ran with the “smart” concept and worked with the Virbac team to coin the name “IntelliDent” for the new cat bites. This descriptive style of product name perfectly conveys the quality of the product and the purpose of the product without being too technical, boring, or over-the-top. IntelliDent clearly communicates that this product is for dental health and that it is the smartest choice for cats, cat owners and veterinarians. It also suggests that the time and effort put into innovating this new treatment was done with great expertise and intelligence. The name ultimately says, “you’re an intelligent and caring cat owner, so you choose IntelliDent”.

The name also provided fun opportunities for an incredible logo, which NameStormers also created with the Virbac team. Virbac just launched their new cat bites in October of 2020 and are excited to “outsmart” the competition, but more importantly, provide cat owners and veterinarians with a feline dental chew that works quickly, produces results you can see, and makes cats happy and healthy! Congratulations to Virbac and the entire team on the launch of IntelliDent!

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